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At Magnet, we have a kitchen design to match all requirements. We understand that no one knows your home better than you. That’s why we’ve introduced a range of options, so you can be involved in the kitchen design process as much or as little as you like. Whichever stage of the process you’re at – from knowing exactly what you want, to needing some inspiration to get started – click on our options below and get your kitchen design up and running. You can also take a look at our offers to see our current deal which will help make your dream kitchen a reality.

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When you’re ready to chat, you can get in touch with one of Magnet’s designers to talk through all of your ideas and understand your options – and we can begin creating your very own 3D kitchen design, either in-store or online.

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Deciding on your kitchen design is just the start of a fabulous journey, so don’t forget the trimmings! From dishwashers and ovens to wine coolers and coffee machines, you can find our range of appliances available here.

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If you’re just starting out on your journey, or simply need some ideas, take our quiz to find out your kitchen personality and see dedicated kitchen designs based on your answers.

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How to buy a Magnet kitchen

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Planning your dream kitchen

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