Kitchen units

Create your dream kitchen with our inspired guide to kitchen units

Whether you love the sleek contemporary design or prefer to keep it timelessly traditional, you’ll find plenty of ideas to help you create the perfect kitchen. Kitchen cabinets and units provide a structure to create work areas and store everyday items. Discover your favourite kitchen units today.

Kitchen unit styles

Kitchen unit options

Kitchen base units

Make the most of your space with our exquisite collection of kitchen base units. With options to suit every lifestyle and kitchen requirement, create the storage space you need without compromising your style. Pair your base units with your favourite door design to complete the look. Don’t forget to add innovative storage solutions inside, like pull-out larders, carousels, drawers, plinths and more.

Kitchen wall units

Add extra storage up high with our premium kitchen wall units. Perfect for storing glassware, crockery, and other essentials, our striking wall unit collection creates a clutter-free appeal in every kitchen space. Match or contrast with your base units to create a beautiful kitchen space. Discover ingenious options to upgrade your wall units, too, like drop-down hidden storage and motorised shelving.

Tall kitchen units

Tall units are ideal for storing everything from pantry products to pots and pans. Whether you add in an integrated oven or keep yours for storing bulky cleaning items, the opportunities are truly endless. Mix and match your tall kitchen units with other sizes in the range to create a useable yet stylish space.

Slimline kitchen units

Limited in space? Our slimline kitchen units are ideal for tight areas, delivering all the styles without compromising on storage. You can mix and match them with other sizes to make the most of your floor space too.

Kitchen drawer units

Store your cutlery, kitchenware, and culinary essentials in style with our versatile kitchen drawer units. Available in various sizes, including extra-deep and double-width, you’ll find plenty of innovative drawer storage options for every space. Discover ingenious storage and innovative solutions to upgrade your drawers, too (like hidden charging points and spice racks).

Kitchen corner units

Make use of every inch of your kitchen space with our practical kitchen corner units. Available in a variety of design options, they can be tailored to suit your kitchen layout and lifestyle requirements. Choose from innovative storage options, like carousels and pull-out larders, to make your units even more useable. Plus, our kitchen corner units are available in a variety of styles, including curved and handleless.

Curved kitchen units

Soften the lines in your space with our exquisite collection of curved kitchen units. Ideally suited to islands and edges, they look ultra-stylish when paired with a curved worktop and matching wall units. Choose innovative storage options inside to make your units as practical as they are elegant; carousels and pull-out shelving work particularly well with curved kitchen units.

Kitchen cupboards with doors

Whether you love the sleek lines of contemporary design or prefer a classic aesthetic, no kitchen is complete without an exquisite door design. Our kitchen units are compatible with a range of striking door styles, including traditional Shaker, sleek modern and seamless handleless options. Our kitchen cupboards with doors arrive in various colours and finishes, too, making sure you achieve your dream kitchen space whatever your requirements.