Nova by Magnet. Affordable slab door kitchen available in matt and super glass. 6 colours to chose from.

Measuring your kitchen

A step-by-step guide

To help you along your kitchen planning journey, we’ve devised an easy-to-follow guide with instructions on how to measure your kitchen space. Jot these down and then meet with a designer to start creating your detailed 3D design.

How to measure your space

1. Draw an outline

Draw a rough layout of your kitchen as seen from above. It doesn’t need to be perfect, it’s just to give your designer a basic idea to start creating your design from. Use any plain paper you may have, or feel free to download some helpful grid paper via the link below.

2. Add the details

Mark up any details we’ll need to know about on your drawing. Have a good look around your kitchen and make a note of features like doors, windows, boilers, soil pipes, electrical meters, light switches and any fixed plumbing, so we can design your kitchen around them.

3. Start measuring

Divide your drawing into different key areas. Use a tape measure and write down each measurement. Don’t worry if it’s not millimetre perfect, we can do a more thorough measurement later if needed.

We offer a free home survey service. This is where your Magnet designer will come and double check your measurements before we begin assembling your kitchen.

Our top tips

Measure in metres and centimetres rather than feet and inches, double-check your measurements when you’re done, and remember to include any permanent fixtures like beams.

Online kitchen design service

  • If you're visiting us in-store, we simply ask that you sanitise hands on arrival and wear a face-covering at all times

  • You can safely attend Design Consultations in-store or online

  • When you’re ready, we’ll work with you to create a bespoke 3D design and quote

  • Save, view and approve your design and quote online in your My Project account

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