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A beautiful kitchen
shouldn’t cost the earth

Each and every Magnet kitchen is carefully considered and purposefully designed – and we apply this same care and attention when it comes to our impact on the environment.


Our mission for being better

Better. By nature  represents our ethos when it comes to sustainability. As a conscientious brand, we’re always striving for better – whether
that’s through regenerative product design or curating spaces that empower our customers to live more sustainably every day


Through our ongoing mission, we aim to:

1. Promote sustainable lifestyle innovations

We’ll encourage and assist sustainable living by taking action to support sustainable efforts in our local communities, working with eco-conscious partners and providing more sustainable products and advice for our customers. 

2. Drive circular materials and flows

We’ll drive innovation in our products with energy, water, food and cost savings in mind, and by promoting a circular economy - placing emphasis on using recycled materials and recycling waste, to divert materials from landfill wherever possible.

3. Transform our packaging  

We’ll transform our packaging by removing harmful single-use plastic from our ranges and delivering new carbon footprint reduction initiatives throughout our whole value chain. 

4. Reduce climate impact 

We’ll reduce our climate impact through our continued commitment towards renewable energy sources, zero waste, cleaner transportation and our collection of quality kitchens that are built to last. 

5. Promote a sustainable culture 

We’ll promote a sustainable culture by responsibly sourcing to minimise risks, promoting a sustainable supply chain and forming strong relationships with our suppliers - which is crucial to develop and offer attractive products to our customers. 

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Choose from responsibly sourced kitchens, worktops and accessories, plus our range of appliances designed to minimise energy usage. All combined with trusted design expertise, on the house.  

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At Magnet, we have a set of targets that we’re consistently
working hard to achieve – but we’re not there yet.

These targets keep us focused on the road ahead and set out clear milestones for us to work towards, as we continue to reduce our carbon footprint and empower our customers to reduce theirs.

Amanda Douglas
Head of Product Sustainability


Packaging & plastics

As part of our commitment to circular materials and flows, we’re prioritising removing single-use plastics in our products and packaging and promoting circularity throughout our product offering 



Recycled car components are used to create our cabinet legs across our whole product range.  


Recycled content is used in the waste bins we use throughout our business.


Recycled polypropylene is used in our Prevex plumbing kits.


Of the virgin plastic in our knobs and handles has been replaced for more sustainable alternatives 


Our Mindful World concept kitchen

Named the winner of Ideal Home’s ‘One Small Step’ for Sustainability award for 2023, our Mindful World kitchen blends sophisticated styling with eco-centric design. This unique design is made up of a curated collection of components – each with its own sustainability story.  

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Black Franke Tap
With a built-in flow restrictor valve limiting flow in order to preserve water.
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AEG SteamBake Oven
Steam regeneration enables reheating and keeping its best taste, helping to reduce food waste.
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Quartz composite sink
Made from 99% sustainable materials.
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Nordic Craft
This sophisticated range features 100% FSC-certified solid timber drawers with exposed finger joints.
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Hoxton in Sumi Black
Hoxton’s Sumi Black cabinet doors are wrapped in 100% recycled PET foil.
View Hoxton
Metal leg frame system
Nordic Craft’s metal leg frame system helps extend the lifecycle of this progressive range by making it easier to move and repurpose in future.
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We’ve reduced the carbon footprint from our operations and owned transportation by 71% since 2016.

Through making the change to renewable energy throughout our showrooms and factories, and transitioning to electric vehicles within our internal fleet, we’re well on our way to hitting our emissions target by 2026.

of our UK mainland stores run on renewable energy

Since 2019, all of our UK mainland stores operate using green energy. Only our Isle of Wight and Guernsey stores are unable to do so, due to a lack of renewable energy providers on islands off the UK mainland.

We’ve reduced the carbon footprint of our factory by 76% since 2016.

By swapping to renewable energy, heating the factory via the incineration of waste timber and installing biomass boilers, we’ve been able to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions from our factory. 

Of the timber waste from our supply chain is upcycled or repurposed. 

We upcycle through various outlets such as, sawdust chippings which go off to be upcycled into animal bedding for the cattle industry. We upcycle supply offcuts of panels to a supplier who upcycles into blanket boxes or bed headboards. All our other wood waste is repurposed for various uses.

ISO Standards

We’re fully compliant with the ISO-recognised standards for energy management.  

We manage all of our operations in accordance with the framework of The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14001: Environmental Management Standard, 50001: Energy management systems, & the 45001 health and safety management standard complying fully with all relevant legislation applicable to these internationally recognized standards. 

We’re building sustainable stores

As a company that prioritises sustainability throughout our product and our service offering, it was important to us to do the same with our new store formats.

Since starting our store refresh programme in 2021, we’ve taken the utmost care and attention to make sustainable choices and limit our carbon footprint wherever possible – all as part of our ongoing commitment to reducing our climate impact and promoting circular materials and flows.

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Our commitments

Innovations for a sustainable lifestyle

To design kitchen products that are conducive to a more sustainable life in the kitchen by promoting sustainable consumption through innovative solutions and partnerships that are supported by information that is relevant to the customer, while ensuring that our products are safe to use throughout their lifetime.  

Circular materials and flows 

To promote sustainable resource utilisation through circular business models, renewable and recycled materials, by maintaining biodiversity and reducing waste, and facilitating future recycling through clean material flows.  

Reduced climate impact 

To use a scientific-based approach to reduce the climate impact of our own operations and in our value chain in line with the Paris Agreement, while working to enhance energy efficiency.  

Promoting a sustainable culture 

To deepen the expertise on sustainability issues in our operations so that each and every person, based on their function, can become a stronger contributor to our shared goals; to be active in the supply chain to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.