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Ashleigh’s bold Shaker kitchen

View of kitchen island and matching tall cabinets in Ashleigh's modern vibrant green Shaker Dunham, with marbled worktop and brass details like tap and cup handles. Ashleigh’s home, in the quaint Welsh town of Gwent, has transformed into a vibrant and inviting space, perfect for Ashleigh to show off to guests.
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View of kitchen island and matching tall cabinets in Ashleigh's modern vibrant green Shaker Dunham, with marbled worktop and brass details like tap and cup handles.

Ashleigh and Lee’s kitchen is often filled with friends rather than dishes, so they dreamed of an open plan, eye-catching kitchen, which would be the talking point of their parties. This is what inspired them to complete a massive transformation with Magnet, to build a space that’s anything but boring.

Ashleigh desired a kitchen that would stand the test of time with a classic shaker style, but which would still feel modern and unique. So, from a previous palette of bland beiges, the Harris’ bravely opted for the bold and beautiful Magnet Create shade, Forrest Green and timeless Dunham units.

With Magnet, Ashleigh also worked to create a spacious layout so that guests of a Harris get-together would never feel cramped or crowded, without making any structural changes to the house. The room was transformed from a boxy U-shape to a wide open-plan galley style with a lengthy island of units forming one side of the kitchen, completely eliminating the closed-in feeling of the previous design.

Paul, Ashleigh’s designated Magnet designer worked closely with the couple to create a kitchen which met all their criteria. The colour of the units became the focal point of the design, opting for timeless Dunham shaker-style units in a striking modern green, which grabs guests’ eyes and brings a touch of the Welsh countryside indoors. By using the simple yet effective design trick of hiding most large appliances, such as refrigerators and dishwashers, inside the units, the Forest Green shade appears uniform, creating a high impact look. 

"Working with Paul to create Lee’s and my dream kitchen was a pleasure, he truly understood that for many families, a kitchen is far more than a place to cook meals. He considered every aspect of the design carefully, even down to seemingly small decisions like which handles to select. ”
Ashleigh Harris
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The accents in the kitchen needed to enhance the almost jewel tones of the green units, rather than detract from them. Ashleigh opted for Minerva worktops in Carrera white to create contrast, giving the design another touch of modernity, and adding brightness to the room. Paul suggested a contrasting brass tap and door handles to add another timeless touch that would really make the green units pop. Oakwood flooring with matching bar stools add to the uniformity of the room and tie together the rest of the earth-toned colour palette.

Though the kitchen often doubles as a dancefloor, the couple still cook at home often and Ashleigh’s choice of appliances needed to reflect this. Ashleigh chose her visible appliances in a black high-shine finish for a sleek and ultra-modern look. The two glossy ovens blend beautifully into the Forest Green Dunham units and mean that the couple can each cook their favourite meals simultaneously. A matching induction hob is a chic alternative to a classic stove, again adding to the kitchen’s seamless appearance. These three visible appliances were carefully positioned so to not detract from the otherwise uniform design.

Paul, Showroom Designer at Magnet Newport said: “For Ashleigh and Lee, we wanted to create a kitchen which is functional for daily life but fun and exciting for Saturday night. I worked closely with the couple to understand exactly what they required from the space and I think we’ve created a bold kitchen which will become part of the family and a talking point amongst their friends.”

Magnet’s varied kitchen designs, installation options and team of expert designers means that every household can create the kitchen they have always wanted. Whether you’re a couple whose kitchen doubles up as a dancefloor or mum cooking for the kids, a kitchen transformation can make sure that your space meets your needs.

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