Caroline's Italian-Inspired Kitchen

Caroline and her family wanted a family-friendly space that was both practical and classy with a touch of Italian inspiration. We created a modern yet timeless design that delivers an efficient, effortless cooking experience while remaining stylish and contemporary.
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Integra Ascoli Fleetwood Graphite & Luna Cashmere
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Integra Ascoli

Integra Ascoli
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Fleetwood Graphite

The Integra Ascoli range allows you to create your dream kitchen by combining modern luxurious designs with refined natural elements. The flat slab door design sits on our handleless platform to create a minimalistic look.

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A sleek, versatile kitchen with both understated and stand-out features to personalise your home. Finished in either a matt and gloss painted effect with integrated handles, this kitchen creates a sleek look. 

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Single Lever Tap


The Leira single lever tap in brushed steel is a sleek and contemporary kitchen tap which combines round tubes with a 90 degree spout and lever. The long lever design means it is easy to operate, easy to clean and slender to not overpower a beautiful kitchen.
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Undermount Sink

SQUARE 1.5B 600 Inset

Big on style and features, this Onyx black, Schock Quadro sink is a brilliant choice for a modern kitchen. With the silky-smooth feel of Cristalite Plus, this sink will add a truly premium feel to your kitchen.

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Wine cooler

Under-counter wine cooler with Dual Zone technology.

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What was your main focus when designing your kitchen?
The main focus when designing my kitchen was definitely to make sure it was a family space.

With three children, two dogs and a husband, it was certainly at the forefront of my mind to ensure the space would work for us all.

The large island, the centrepiece of the room, lets the children get involved with the cooking but also works wonderfully when it comes to hosting too.

How has Magnet transformed your space?
Our Magnet kitchen has completely transformed our space because it is now a family area where we all hang out together.

We’ll have all of our meals here, and the huge worktop space means the children can get involved with preparing food too. Making pizzas together is a family favourite that we’ve enjoyed doing in the new space.

Our new kitchen brings us together as a family and also with our friends - it’s a really good entertaining space.

What feature was most important to you when designing the kitchen?
The main feature of the kitchen was definitely the island. It’s a really big island, meaning lots of space, so I wanted to make sure I got it right.

We opted to integrate two different cabinet colours to achieve a natural wood effect.

I also wanted to ensure that the hob was on the island too so that I can socialise with friends and family whilst cooking, instead of being tucked away in a corner.

We do a lot of cooking, so for us to have that number of ovens and the space of the island was the dream.

“With so many design ideas we considered pursuing, our Magnet designer made it easy for us to find the perfect way to create a stylish and elegant space. We created a beautiful kitchen for our whole family to enjoy together.”
Caroline Heath
Kitchen buyer

The story

The Heaths wanted to take the striking Italian interior design that they had seen in magazines and translate that into their family home.

A practical space was crucial for the large family, but this didn’t mean they had to compromise on design quality and overarching style.

The leading focus when it came to design was to take the natural hues of Graphite and Cashmere and use them to create a warm and welcoming environment for the whole family. The two shades in unison beautifully complemented each other and added extra depth to the space.

Upon walking into the room, the eye is immediately drawn to the oversized island; a deliberate design choice that luxuriously fills the room. The hob was purposefully integrated within the island so that the family can both cook and socialise at the same time.

Caroline, the Heaths’ designer, made sure to incorporate plenty of appliances to make mealtimes efficient. The large kitchen could easily house three ovens and a warming drawer that make cooking a delight for the family.

The beautifully integrated appliances work seamlessly with the rest of the space and add a touch of innovation to the room. The colours, textures and appliances work in such a way that the whole environment is a striking mix of old and new, where exposed brick fireplace meets stylish integrated wine cooler.

The Heaths’ new Magnet kitchen has completely transformed the way that the family interact. A true family, classic kitchen that will simply get better with age.

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Single wall kitchen with island

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