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Leanne's country cottage kitchen

Magnet kitchen customer Leanne placing roses in a case on the kitchen island counter in her country cottage. The Browning family sought a Shaker-style kitchen to complement their 1900s country cottage. To maintain a warm and relaxed environment, we crafted a bespoke design that beautifully ties the traditional elements of the kitchen together into one functional space.
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Winchester Sage & Midnight
Cosy & Calming
Magnet kitchen customer Leanne placing roses in a case on the kitchen island counter in her country cottage.

What advice would you give to a new kitchen buyer?

When it comes to designing a kitchen, it’s very important that the kitchen looks beautiful and aesthetically pleasing but equally, it has to be practical too.
You really have to think about how things are going to work; when you’re cooking, are you going to be able to access the pans? When you’re washing up, can you access the dishwasher?
The chopping and food preparation spaces need to be close to the bin for easy access.
When you take all of these things into consideration, it means your kitchen will be a space that works with you, not against you.

What’s your favourite design element in your new kitchen?

My favourite design element in the kitchen is the Twin Corner cupboard.
This is just so practical for hiding all of the unsightly cooking essentials that you don’t want on show, such as flour, herbs and spices.
It’s really just very, very handy and makes it easy to access the far corners of the cupboard.

What feature was most important to you when designing the kitchen?

The most important feature in our kitchen was definitely the cooker and the mantle.
This is the centre of the back run and we wanted everything to be symmetrical in relation to that, to really draw the eye to that point.
I really felt this design consideration added character to the room and the appliances gave the kitchen more of a cottage feel.

“We really wanted to play on the country charm of our kitchen with a warm, comforting colour palette. Our designer, Andy, helped us to curate our dream space that not only looks impressive, but works perfectly for our needs too.”
Leanne Browning
Kitchen buyer

The story

The Browning’s kitchen transformation used carefully considered design alongside a fitting colour palette to produce a beautiful, country-esque kitchen. Leanne, whose vision it was to own a charming cottage kitchen, was clear from the start that the colour palette needed to be warm and inviting. She was drawn to the Sage hue as it was light enough to open up the space, yet warm enough to create a welcoming environment. Leanne was advised by her designer, Andy, to opt for a Midnight island to add visual interest and create a focal point for the room.

Leanne also required a certain level of practicality within the kitchen, to match her busy day-to-day lifestyle. Andy made sure to ask just how Leanne planned on using the kitchen, and what functions she would need when it came to using the space. This informed the decision to incorporate a smart storage solution to maximise every inch possible. A Twin Corner cupboard was included to allow easy storage of tins, jars, herbs and spices that could be neatly put away, out of sight.

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U-shaped with island

Designer & Store

Andy Lord
through Guildford Store

Cabinet style


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