Amy & Kamal’s party-ready space

Amy & Kamal’s kitchen had naturally become their go-to social space, as well as an area to cook and eat. They wanted to build on this by curating a social space that was both on-trend but with classic features.
Kitchen model
Tatton Midnight
Kitchen colour
Trendy yet classic

Why did you choose Magnet?
We are fortunate enough to live close to a Magnet designer and knew that she’d work closely with us to achieve the exact space we wanted. We were also impressed by the finance options that were available to us.

What was your main focus when designing your kitchen?
Over the last few months our kitchen has been our living space; a living and dining room and kitchen all in one. We wanted to take that and amplify it further to become a beautiful space for socialising and entertaining, too.

What advice would you give to a new kitchen buyer?
Take your time. Keep looking at the design and imagine it in your space to really envision how it will look. We even taped it out on the floor to get used to the new design features such as the island.

What feature was most important to you when designing the kitchen?
One feature we really wanted was an island to give that two-way access point of the kitchen. It allows us to move around quite freely, and we don’t get in each other’s way. We both like cooking in the kitchen at the same time, so an island allows that, whatever we’re making.

“We really tapped into Janet’s design expertise and unpicked her knowledge to get the most out of our space. Through this, we achieved a harmonious balance of modern and traditional – a beautiful social hub”
Kitchen buyer

The story

Amy & Kamal made the most of their designer’s expertise to upgrade their kitchen into a chic social space.

The U-shaped design of the space meant that a central island would be the ideal focal point of the room, which also allowed a flow of movement within the space.

The timeless Midnight shade of the Shaker doors offered a sophisticated take on traditional. Silver accents unified the colour scheme to perfectly match the appliances such as the cooker hood and ovens.

Through considered design, Amy & Kamal achieved their dream party-ready social space. Building on the natural way that they used the space, to begin with, the couple upgraded the kitchen to become the ultimate living, dining and entertaining room.

About this kitchen


U-shaped with Island

Cabinet style


Designer and store

Janet, Nottingham

Kitchen size


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