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Dowsing & Reynolds' Calming Kitchen

Ally and James Dowsing-Reynolds posing in their kitchen along with Jen Nash from Magnet Magnet has teamed up with renowned interiors duo Ally and James Dowsing-Reynolds - Co-Founders of the fixtures & fittings brand Dowsing & Reynolds - who share their expert insights on creating their new dream kitchen.
Kitchen model
The “dramatic neutral” shade of Balmoral was chosen for the cabinets to give a calming quality, elevated by pops of gold and industrial accents to energise the design.
Ally and James Dowsing-Reynolds posing in their kitchen along with Jen Nash from Magnet

Industrial Elegance

“The design of Ally and James' kitchen was led by the idea of balancing opposing aesthetics to create a striking sense of character. Throughout the design, function was combined with decoration and durable surfaces matched with soft materials to create an environment rooted in refined elegance but toughened up by a sense of industrial attitude. We opened up the existing large-north facing window and introduced a palette of mossy greens and natural materials to create a warm and inviting yet also aesthetically-arresting family room,” explains Jen.

Ally, James & Jen's tips for creating a sensory kitchen

Create character in a clean space

Ally explains “Elements such as patterns can be very overstimulating for those with neurodiverse minds, yet we still require an element of stimulation so it’s all about finding the right balance.” Jen combined Magnet’s Soho range in Balmoral with an island peninsula that ran through and under the existing chimney breast to create a streamlined look. By embracing original features such as the exposed brickwork, and accessorising with Dowsing & Reynolds lamps, they layered up the ambience and personality without creating clutter.

Enjoy the touch of natural materials

For sensory stimulation that doesn’t overload the space, Ally and James recommend mixing materials to ensure a feeling of softness while also creating a point of interest. Jen combined Magnet’s dark oak Nordic Nature cabinetry with the distinctive Dekton in Ceppo work surface in a waterfall effect, dramatically extending all the way to the floor. Not only do both textures dial up the haptics in the room but also react with the natural light, allowing it to play across the space throughout the day to truly engage the senses.

Rethink traditional storage set ups

“People with ADHD often want clean environments, but in turn can easily forget items once stored away, making finding the right storage solutions essential” explains Ally. Jen therefore replaced traditional deep cupboards for shallow drawers and a butler’s larder, providing storage where everything could be neatly stowed whilst also seen at a glance when opened. “I never thought I’d keep mugs in a drawer, but it’s now something I’d never change.” Ally says.

Invest in bespoke solutions

Investing in the right elements will allow you to use your space effortlessly. James explained “We’re not great at using chopping boards and tidying up”, Jen therefore suggested the Dekton in Ceppo, a durable worktop that tied together the wider design elements in the room while being virtually indestructible and easy to clean after use.

The traditional triangle isn’t always to way to go

Jen and James transformed their old layout into one focused around task-based needs. James says, “You can sometimes feel you should choose an ‘Instagram kitchen’ that looks beautiful. However, spending months creating a layout that suits our needs really has changed the way we interact and work in the space.” With a bespoke breakfast bar, multifunctional Dowsing & Reynolds plug sockets and a central facing induction hob, it's now a hub for family life, work, cooking and socialising.

Embrace organic elements

"Emulating aspects of the natural world - from limestone paints to wooden and ceramic materials - can not only help create a functional environment but also one that supports your wellbeing." Jen worked with James and Ally to integrate natural elements throughout their design. Magnet’s Balmoral, a soft vegetal green, imbued a sense of warmth and complemented the darker woodgrain of Magnet’s award-winning Nordic Nature range in the island, while a painted brass boiling water tap was chosen for its 'living finish' - it will age beautifully over time.

Make sense of your space

Ensuring a kitchen is in harmony with the senses is important for neurodiverse people. Dowsing & Reynolds lamps were chosen for their ‘glowing’ quality, and the light gently reflects off Magnet’s Dekton worktop in 'Ceppo'. All lights are connected to Dowsing & Reynolds sockets, so spotlights and lamps can be controlled by central dimmer switches - turning lights up for daytime cooking and softening ambience for evenings and social gatherings.

Integrate your appliances

With cooking a real passion for James, Jen positioned appliances so the space could be used effortlessly. Miele Multifunction ovens were placed at mid-height, negating any need to bend down, while an induction hob was fitted on the peninsular island giving a continuation of uninterrupted surfaces across the kitchen. Making use of the high ceilings, the extractor fan was raised to increase ventilation and provide greater accessibility around the island, while its RorosHetta hood seamlessly blends into the overall design.

Striking the balance between creating a characterful design with the right amount of stimulation was key to Jen when bringing the kitchen to life. Starting with a bespoke layout, curated by her and James, she blended dramatic industrial features with elegant detailing, tactile stimulation across cabinets and work surfaces and tranquil biophilic elements from plants to colour schemes to create a space that catered for Ally and James’ neurodivergent requirements, busy family life and expressive artistic flair.

Ally also focused on layering up the natural elements in the kitchen with Dowsing & Reyonolds’ biophilic faux foliage, which feeds the senses and promotes tranquillity - ideal for those with neurodiversity who are looking to create a feeling of relaxation within their living space.

Ally & James incorporated Magnet's new Butler Pantry into their kitchen design. Flawlessly functional and a joy to use, it offers the perfect combination of drawers and shelving, with space for large and small items and endless oportunities for elegant storage. 

By adding spice racks to their double doors, they created a traditional pantry feel while freeing up space for the kitchen gadgets and ingredients they wanted to keep at hand.

This ingenious piece of quality design is a great addition to any kitchen. Available with either a full oak effect interior or an anthracite interior with oak effect drawers and shelves.

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Starting with your first, free consultation, your experienced Magnet designer will be by your side to walk you through the design process and give expert advice at every step. Hurry - appointments are booking up fast.

Our design service

Starting with your first, free consultation, your experienced Magnet designer will be by your side to walk you through the design process and give expert advice at every step. Hurry - appointments are booking up fast.

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