Fusion Blue kitchen

Fusion Blue stands out from the crowd and is perfect for those who like truly unique kitchens. Blue kitchens are not the most conventional choice, but this modern design wears its unconventionality as its greatest asset. Contrasting colour plinth and open shelving add marvellous details, while the gloss finish keeps things cool and contemporary. Yet, the magic of the Fusion Blue line is in its surprising versatility. Whether you ramp up the retro or go next-century minimal, it’ll be the centrepiece of your home.

Project Yellow
AEG FavolaPlus Frosted Almond Black Coffee Machine

innovations The Coffee Unit

Available colors and materials

  • Fusion White

    Fusion White
  • Fusion Blue

    Fusion Blue
  • Fusion Champagne

    Fusion Champagne
  • Fusion Cream

    Fusion Cream

Also available in

Fusion Champagne Cameo
Fusion Blue Cameo
Fusion White Cameo
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