Scandi kitchens

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With effortless style and useable functionality, it’s easy to see why Scandi design is such a popular kitchen aesthetic. This minimalist trend works exceptionally well in the kitchen space, bringing a sense of soft calm and welcoming ambience.

If you are planning a Scandi style kitchen, it’s essential to focus on three core areas: simplicity, clean lines, and efficiency. These are mainstays of the Scandi design movement, helping you create a Nordic oasis in your home. We’ve put together a range of Scandi kitchen ideas to inspire your design too, giving you the tools you need to create something spectacular.

Choosing the right materials for your Scandi kitchen

The right materials are essential in every kitchen design, but even more so in Scandinavian spaces. This interior design trend is focused on natural minimalism, bringing together contemporary design and outdoor ambience. You should consider incorporating:

Natural wood

Natural wood is always a popular material in Scandi kitchens. For a traditional feel, choose light-coloured woods like beech or ash. Avoid stained or varnished wood where you can, as the untreated look is better suited to Scandi style. You could also opt for painted wood in light colours for a contrasting effect.


Stone is a durable option for flooring or worktops, which makes it ideally suited to the efficiency and functionality associated with the Scandi style. Opt for natural-looking possibilities to maintain a relaxed ambience.

Synthetic Materials

There are plenty of Scandinavian kitchen design ideas that incorporate synthetic materials. Consider opting for glossy worktops in laminate or Corian for a sleek look. Another option is to include a minimalist vinyl floor for durability.


Much like industrial kitchen design, many Scandi style kitchens use metal materials to bring in an edgy aesthetic. You may want to add some metal accents to your space, such as in your breakfast bar stools, storage systems, or Scandi kitchen accessories.


Textiles add a layer of interest to your kitchen design, which is why it may be beneficial to bring in fabrics. Scandi design often incorporates these materials as a way of softening the basic functionality of a space. Consider adding a textured rug or cushions to add comfort to your Scandi kitchen. There’s no need to stick to one material when planning your Scandi style kitchen. Mix and match your choices to create a look that works for you. This type of layered effect adds interest and depth to your space, bringing unmistakable style.

Thinking about your Scandi style preferences

Choosing the elements of your Scandi kitchen is one of the best parts of planning a renovation. Remember to keep simplicity at the forefront when making your decision, as well as efficiency.

Colour Palette

Scandi kitchens often favour a light colour palette. Choose bright whites, soft greys, and stone shades to achieve the ultimate minimalist look. These lighter hues are often contrasted with deep charcoal shades to add depth and interest to your kitchen design. However, you may want to bring accents of colour into your space too. Use these sparingly for maximum impact.

Cabinets and Handles

Make the most of your space by choosing simple cabinets with a sleek design. Glossy or matte finishes both work well, but try to avoid fussy detailing or an intricate design. In terms of handles, aim for simplicity by choosing a basic style. Alternatively, keep it streamlined with handleless cabinets. Of course, storage is essential in Scandi style kitchens. Be sure to choose plenty of innovative storage options inside your cabinets for maximum efficiency.


Your worktops are an essential design element, as well as being a functional part of your kitchen space. While wood worktops look striking and suit Scandi aesthetic, it may be worth choosing durable stone or synthetic to reduce the maintenance your kitchen worktops need.


Your kitchen sink choice will add to the overall look and feel of your Scandi style kitchen. Whether you’re a fan of ceramic materials or prefer stainless steel, most sink styles work well. It could be worth researching which options are the most low maintenance to keep your space as efficient as possible. You may also want to think about adding innovative features like hot water taps, in-built chopping boards, or draining areas.


Kitchen splashbacks are an essential component of any kitchen design. They protect your walls when cooking and preparing dishes, as well as bring in a stylish layered effect. Consider using the same material as your worktops for a streamlined look, or use glossy ceramic tiles for their light reflective qualities. You could also use your splashback to experiment with complementary colours in your palette.


When putting together your Scandinavian kitchen design ideas, it’s essential to think carefully about your flooring. Many Scandi kitchens opt for a light wood option, which can add an exquisite texture to your space. Consider choosing an engineered wood, as this material is often more durable than solid wood flooring. Laminate and vinyl are other popular options, which all work well in Scandi style kitchens.


Lighting is essential for every Scandi kitchen. This design trend favours a bright and airy feel, with plenty of natural light. For that reason, make the most of your windows where you can and avoid putting up curtains or blinds that reduce the amount of light that enters your space. It’s also worth adding spotlighting and accent lights to keep your space bright when the sun goes down. Statement pendant lights over your breakfast bar or dining area will bring in additional interest.


Your kitchen accessories add the perfect finishing touch to your Scandi space. Like with the rest of your design, try to keep clutter to a minimum. Instead, choose streamlined storage containers, small appliances, and other items to keep your space feeling calm and uncluttered. You may also want to accessorise your kitchen with pot plants and fresh flowers. Consider adding a kitchen herb garden on a shelf or windowsill too.


While Scandi style kitchens favour a streamlined look, it is not always possible to achieve that with contemporary appliances. If you can, choose appliances in a similar colour to keep your look consistent. Alternatively, opt for built-in models that can be hidden away behind your cabinet doors.

Choosing your Scandi kitchen from Magnet

Scandi kitchens are the ultimate combination of form and function, creating a functional space that looks exquisite. If you’re planning a kitchen renovation, the design team at Magnet would love to help you bring your project to life. Get a guide price for your plans if you’re ready to get started.

If you’re not quite sure what you want yet, try our online kitchen design tool to help you decide. This easy-to-use planner lets you visualise your new kitchen and provides an estimate for what your space might cost.