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Buying Guides: Kitchen Layouts

A well-designed kitchen can lift your mood and improve ambience. It can transform everyday tasks, making your space work more efficiently. And it can encourage meaningful interactions and provide the perfect place for you to socialise or entertain. How you choose to approach your kitchen design can elevate your lifestyle, ensuring both yours and your family's needs are met. 

At Magnet, we believe in living better, by design. That’s why we’ve created this helpful guide on different kitchen layouts. From the effortless accessibility of galley kitchens to the modernity of open-plan, each layout offers unique benefits to your home. Discover the most popular kitchen layouts below to find the right one for you.

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Fitted kitchens

Strike the right balance between practical and stylish with our fitted kitchens range - an integrated solution that makes your home feel sleek, smart and seamless. A fitted kitchen design removes free-standing equipment for a harmonious look, with no disruption to flow. This style of kitchen works well whether you have a large or small space, but can be especially suitable for smaller homes where floor space is at a premium. A small fitted kitchen - combined with innovative storage solutions, a neutral or light colour scheme, and light-reflecting surfaces - can appear a lot larger than it is. This helps you maximise your space, creating a comfortable place to cook, relax and dine.

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Open-plan kitchens

A beautiful, functional open-plan kitchen can change the way you socialise with your family or entertain your guests. Open-plan living is not only great for optimising the space you have, but it enables everyday interactions and improves the flow of conversation. Removing barriers such as walls and doors means being able to enjoy the same space together whether you are cooking, cleaning, dining, or relaxing. There are endless options with an open-plan kitchen layout too, giving you total freedom and fluidity for creating a multifunctional kitchen. Explore a range of options at Magnet and tell our dedicated design team how you dream of utilising your kitchen space.

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Galley kitchens

Known as one of the most common kitchen layouts, the galley-style kitchen is great for making everything accessible. Galley kitchens offer a central format that works in small or larger spaces, with a range of benefits - such as impressive storage potential, easy maintenance and cleaning, a stylish and contemporary design, and a linear flow. The galley kitchen is also conducive to the ‘kitchen work triangle’. This means your oven, sink and fridge (the main appliances) are optimally positioned, with easy distances between each one for the ultimate efficiency. For busy households, adhering to the triangle can make all the difference to daily life, saving you time and making jobs in the kitchen truly effortless.

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L-shape kitchens

Truly versatile, the classic L-shape is a great way to save space, improve traffic flow, and design a sociable space where conversations and interactions flow comfortably.  It’s suitable for kitchens of every size and style too, all the way from traditional country kitchens to minimalist kitchens with handleless cupboards and metallic finishes. Whether you’re designing a small L-shaped kitchen that helps you get more out of your storage, or you prefer the contemporary nature of L-shaped open-plan living, this layout can work in your home. Discover Magnet’s L-shaped single-use kitchen designs or L-shaped open-plan living kitchen designs, and let our expert design team guide you in selecting the right colours, materials and finishes.

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G-shape kitchens

The G-shape is at the other end of the spectrum from the linear design of a galley kitchen, creating a square with four sides to offer maximum functionality. This is the ideal layout if you love the workspace potential of galley kitchens, but don’t want to be restricted by an elongated design with a one-way in-out flow. The G-shape offers improved movement if you have the space, as well as an opportunity to create a stylish and comfortable open-plan kitchen with additional dining, lounge or chill-out zones. Find out more about the G-shape layout if you want optimum counter space and storage, or if you want to add something extra such as a breakfast bar.

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Small kitchens

Smaller spaces need to have a considered approach when it comes to design, and this is where our kitchen design team can come in handy. We can help you find the most ergonomic solutions. From integrated cupboard handles that increase space and flow to clean, contemporary colours that promote effortless minimalism, there are so many ways to make your small kitchen feel larger. Get the look with a small fitted kitchen, and check out our full range of innovative storage solutions to make your space go further. We offer some of the best storage hacks, including pull-out pantries, smart corner storage, vertical storage cupboards, open shelving, hidden storage, and more.

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Choosing the right kitchen layout

Not sure which kitchen layout is right for your home? This can depend on a number of things, such as the size of your kitchen, the number of people in your household, whether you want multifunctional features, and your lifestyle goals. 

Our dedicated designers are here to help you plan your kitchen from start to finish. After getting the measurements for your intended space, they can advise you on the best layout, whether you love galley kitchens or open-plan living. Find out more about how the Magnet kitchen design process works, or arrange an in-person or online consultation to get started with your new kitchen project.

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