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G shaped kitchen buying guide

Whether you’re planning a full kitchen renovation or just looking to maximise your space, G-shaped kitchens are a go-to for functionality. Also known as a peninsula kitchen layout, the desirable G shape is an extension of the classic U-shape kitchen design, offering even more storage and workspace.

This style of kitchen is perfect for family life or busy households, making it easy to prepare culinary treats while enjoying open-plan dining or entertaining. Here’s our complete guide to the G-shaped layout and tips on how to bring your peninsula kitchen ideas to life.

What is a G shaped kitchen?

As the name suggests, a G-shaped kitchen resembles the letter ‘G’, featuring four sides of kitchen counter space. It’s similar to the U-shaped kitchen - which has three sides - but with an additional fourth dimension, such as a jut or peninsula that adds extra workspace or dining space. 

G-shaped kitchens are great for open-plan spaces, but the peninsula kitchen layout works just as well in single-use rooms too. A peninsula kitchen layout helps to increase storage and worktop space, making it a popular choice for every style of home, but just all layouts, there are advantages and disadvantages to think about before you decide.

Use our handy kitchen planner tool for inspiration or continue reading for the full list of pros and cons.

The advantages of a G-shaped kitchen

The G-shaped kitchen brings a multitude of benefits to the home and is conducive to family life in the modern world. Not only does it allow you to maximise your floorplan, but the peninsula kitchen layout provides you with a great social space - so you can enjoy meaningful interactions at any time of day. 

  • Increase worktop and storage space
  • Have an extra place to prepare meals or entertain
  • Add a breakfast bar for sociable dining/snacking
  • Design a fully open-plan G-shaped kitchen 
  • Create a multifunctional area for dining, relaxing, and more


If it’s the extra storage space you’re after, a peninsula kitchen layout is ideal for keeping your home clutter-free. Check out Magnet’s storage innovations for even more ways to optimise a tidy home. 

Limitations of a G-shaped kitchen

Space and functionality are the key benefits of a G-shaped kitchen - but this usually only works when you have a large enough space to install the peninsula kitchen layout. In single-use rooms, a G-shaped kitchen may not be as effective, especially if the room is very small to begin with. 

  • Peninsula kitchen layouts can overcomplicate things
  • It can make a small kitchen feel cramped or overcrowded
  • A four-sided kitchen can affect traffic flow 


With this in mind, we always encourage customers to think about their main kitchen goals. All that extra counter space may not be necessary if you prefer simple living or minimalist design.

Which is better - a G or U-shaped layout?

A lot of people find it hard to choose between G-shape and U-shape kitchen designs because of how similar they are in terms of functionality. As a general rule, the classic U-shape is widely suitable because it’s ideal for small and medium-sized kitchens as well as larger kitchens. While the extended G-shape works best in larger spaces (although this isn’t always the case). 

If you’re thinking about a U-shaped kitchen with an island or you’re planning to create a space that is open plan, you probably have enough room to consider peninsula kitchen ideas instead. Islands are beautiful features but they’re not always the best option for flow and accessibility. A jut or peninsula, on the other hand, supports the traditional ‘kitchen work triangle’ for efficient cooking, cleaning and storage - ensuring a highly functional space. 

The G-shape layout also provides an easy way to section off an open-plan home. So if you have the space, a G-shape kitchen is worth considering. If you’re unsure about the right kitchen layout for your home, book a free consultation with our dedicated design team.

Book a design consultation.

Choosing your G shaped kitchen style

When thinking about peninsula kitchen ideas, it’s important to consider overall style and aesthetics. The good news is that G-shaped layouts work well for both contemporary kitchens and traditional spaces.

For simple, understated elegance, opt for a neutral colour palette. Light kitchen cabinets, for example, are an excellent starting point. Choose a simple design, like a traditional Shaker cabinet or handleless cupboards, to keep it sleek and uncomplicated.

If you want to bring in colour and texture, choose a bold kitchen worktop for the peninsula section or go with a statement wall colour. Or take peninsula kitchen ideas to the next level with a show-stopping splashback and standout kitchen accessories.

Considering your layout

If you’ve decided that a G-shaped kitchen is right for your space, the next step is to consider how you will create a usable kitchen for your lifestyle and needs. Adopt the work triangle, which promotes efficiency and flow. It’s usually best to place essential appliances (like your sink, refrigerator and cooker) on the three main countertops in your peninsula kitchen layout. Then, use your peninsula section for extra storage or dining.

Choosing kitchen units

Simplicity is key when designing your G-shape kitchen. A top tip from our designers is to avoid overcomplicating the peninsula layout - it may be best to avoid putting overhead cabinets on the peninsula section to keep things simple. You could also choose a different design or colour on the top units to keep the space from feeling oppressive. Or for that seamless finish, match the colour of your units to your walls.

Planning storage

G-shaped kitchens offer more storage than other kitchen layouts. In order to get the most out of your storage space, the solutions need to be well-planned. Some ways to optimise your kitchen may include making use of corner cabinets, maximising your vertical space with tall cabinetry (to fit things like vacuum cleaners and mops), and using bespoke storage such as wine cabinets or spice racks. A peninsula layout gives you endless options for drawers, cupboards and pull-out storage ideas.

G shaped kitchen lighting

A peninsula kitchen layout is flexible, giving you an array of lighting options to explore. For simplicity, you could install overhead spotlights in the main kitchen area. You could also add under-cabinet lighting to keep workspaces well-lit for everyday tasks such as plating, reading recipes, or food prep. If you want to add depth, dimension and a bit of creative flair, consider accent lighting on shelving units and cabinets, or decorative pendant lights that show off your personal sense of style.

Where to put appliances

Where you decide to position your appliances matters, particularly with a peninsula layout where efficiency and accessibility are key. Remember the ‘kitchen triangle’ for your main workstations, placing essential appliances along the three main walls of your kitchen. Avoid main appliances on your peninsula to ensure everything is in easy reach - this will help to enhance preparation space.

Finishing touches

Complete the look of your G-shaped kitchen with a few finishing touches. From choosing complementary handles or door knobs for your cabinets to adding the right kitchen accessories, there are so many ways to bring your peninsula kitchen idea to life. 

Metallic handles can add an urban edge to a contemporary space, while handleless cupboards create instant minimalism that’s perfect for any Scandi-style or Japandi-inspired home. 

It’s also a good idea to invest in innovative storage solutions or install open shelving to keep countertop clutter to a minimum. Whatever storage products or design features you decide to go with, remember that it’s the small things that can make a big difference. That’s why at Magnet, we offer so many options to help you customise your space.

Adding extra features

There’s so much flexibility with a G-shaped layout, giving your kitchen everything from extra storage, more workspace and additional dining space to easy open-plan sectioning. You can even include additional features to personalise your kitchen peninsula: 

  • Versatile storage like shelving or extra cabinets
  • A stylish breakfast bar with high stools and decorative pendant lights 
  • Luxury appliances that help to elevate your kitchen (wine fridges underneath cabinets add a touch of opulence to the home) 
  • A custom-designed coffee bar with a premium home coffee machine

Choosing your G Shaped kitchen from Magnet

Whether you have a large, open-plan kitchen or you’re working with a smaller space, a peninsula kitchen layout can make everyday cooking and cleaning an effortless process. The highly desirable G-shape allows for easy preparation, storage and entertaining - while creating an aesthetic that looks the part in both traditional and modern homes. 

Not sure if a G-shape layout is the right one for your kitchen? Our dedicated design consultants are here to provide guidance on the best solutions based on your kitchen style, kitchen size, and your kitchen goals. Get in touch to discuss different options and get a guide price for your dream kitchen. 

Book a free design consultation at Magnet and we'll help you create a space that is functional while looking and feeling exquisite.