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G shaped kitchen buying guide

Whether you’re planning a full kitchen renovation or just want to update your layout, G shaped kitchens are a go-to for functionality and design. From offering plenty of workspace for preparing culinary treats to space for dining and entertaining, there are a variety of options to create a useable space using a G shaped kitchen layout.

What is a G shaped kitchen?

As the name suggests, G shaped kitchens have four sides that resemble the letter ‘G.’ It’s very similar to U-shaped kitchens, except there is usually a fourth dimension (the jut or peninsula) that adds extra countertop or dining space. They’re commonly found in open-plan spaces, although they can be added to single-use rooms too. Like with every kitchen design, there are G shaped kitchen advantages and disadvantages. Think about the size of your space and your lifestyle requirements before committing to this particular layout. It could be useful to try an online kitchen planner tool to test out your design too.

The advantages of a G shaped kitchen

G shaped kitchen layouts can be really beneficial to those that want to maximise their floorplan. With worktops on all four sides, you can use all the space available when preparing meals and entertaining. If you choose to use the peninsula as a breakfast bar, it can help to create a fantastic social space too. You could invite your guests into the kitchen when entertaining and enjoy a glass of wine together while you cook. Or, your children could complete their homework while you prepare an evening meal. G shaped kitchens also offer the opportunity for extra storage. Whether you add kitchen accessories like a wine refrigerator or simply incorporate more cabinet space, there are endless opportunities for flexible use.

Limitations of a G shaped kitchen

When putting together your G shaped kitchen ideas, the most important consideration is space. These kitchens work particularly well in open-plan spaces, as they provide a barrier between the kitchen and lounge or dining area. However, in single-use rooms, a G shaped kitchen design may not work quite as well, particularly if you have a tiny space. Think about the overall flow and useability of the room before you commit to this design.

Which is better, a G or U shaped layout?

U shaped kitchen layouts work well in smaller kitchens and can look exquisite in larger spaces too. If you have a large kitchen, you may want to think about a G kitchen instead of opting for a U shape with an island. Islands can decrease efficiency, particularly if they interrupt the flow or work triangle. They are also less suited to entertaining, as they may not work as well as a breakfast bar. G shaped kitchens can also more efficiently use the space in smaller open-plan areas, providing a natural barrier between the kitchen and living or dining rooms.

Choosing your G shaped kitchen style

In addition to the G shaped kitchen floor plan, it’s essential to think about your overall style and aesthetic. The good news is that G shaped kitchen designs work well for both contemporary kitchens and traditional spaces.

In most cases, a neutral or light palette works best. White kitchen cabinets, for example, are an excellent starting point. Choose a simple design, like a traditional Shaker cabinet or handleless cupboards, to keep it sleek and uncomplicated.

If you want to bring in colour and texture, choose a bold kitchen worktop for the peninsula section or statement wall paint shade. You could even get creative with your splashback ideas or your kitchen accessories.

Considering your layout

If you have decided that a G shaped kitchen is right for your space, the next step is to consider how you will create a useable kitchen for your lifestyle and needs. Remember the work triangle, which promotes efficiency and flow in your space. It’s usually best to place essential appliances, like your sink, refrigerator, and cooker, on the three main countertops. Then, use your peninsula section for extra storage or dining.

Choosing kitchen units

Like we mentioned above, simplicity is key when putting together your G shaped kitchen layout ideas. It may be best to avoid putting overhead cabinets on the peninsula section to prevent your space from feeling overwhelmed. You may also want to choose a different design or colour on the top units to keep the space from feeling oppressive. You could select top cabinets in a colour that matches your wall paint for a seamless finish.

Planning storage

One of the real benefits of G shaped kitchens is that they offer more storage than other kitchen layout ideas. However, it’s still essential to plan your space carefully. Make use of corner cabinets, for example, to maximise the space you have available in the corner sections of your kitchen. You may also want to include some tall cabinets to store larger items (like your vacuum cleaner and mops). Don’t be afraid to experiment with your store design to find a system that works for you. Whether you need a wine cabinet or space to store your baking equipment, you know your lifestyle best!

G shaped kitchen lighting

G shaped kitchen layouts are flexible, which means you can choose a lighting system that works for you. For a simple look, think about installing overhead spotlights in the main kitchen area. Kitchens are functional rooms, which mean they require plenty of light to keep your workspace illuminated. For that reason, you may want to add undercabinet lighting to help when you chop vegetables or read recipes. You may also want to add accent lighting to shelving units or open cabinets to add depth and interest to these areas. There are also plenty of opportunities to get creative. Bring in personality and design over the peninsula area with decorative pendant lights. This looks especially exquisite if you plan to use the peninsula as a breakfast bar or entertaining space.

Where to put appliances

Every kitchen includes appliances, so it’s a good idea to think about their placement early on in your design phase. Remember the kitchen work triangle when positioning your devices; it may be best to avoid putting these on your peninsula. Instead, place your essential appliances in the three main walls of your kitchen. This will ensure that you have ample preparation space, with all the devices you need within easy reach of each other. If you have a washing machine and tumble dryer in your kitchen, you could put these in the peninsula section to keep your kitchen efficient and useable. Remember, though, this may mean you can’t use the ‘jut’ as a breakfast bar.

Finishing touches

The finishing touches in your kitchen transform your space into something both useable and functional. Think about how you’re going to accessorise your space carefully, particularly if you are planning a small G shaped kitchen design. For example, handles or doorknobs may make your area feel more enclosed. Instead, choose handleless cupboards to keep your kitchen looking sleek and spacious.

It’s also a good idea to remember that while you may have extra countertop space available, clutter can make your kitchen feel overwhelmed. Keep countertop items to a minimum and instead install open shelving to display things like spices, herb pots, or other cooking ingredients.

Adding extra features

G shaped kitchen layouts are incredibly flexible. Whether you’re looking for more storage, extra preparation space or a dining area, that additional peninsula worktop can bring efficiency and useability into your kitchen.

There are plenty of ways you could use that extra space. For example:

  • Add versatile storage like shelving or cabinets. Get creative for maximum impact!
  • Create a breakfast bar by adding high stools and decorative pendant lights
  • Use luxury appliances to elevate your kitchen. Wine fridges underneath cabinets and add a touch of opulence to every space. Or, create your own coffee bar with a premium at-home machine

Choosing your G Shaped kitchen from Magnet

Whether you have an open plan kitchen or a small space, G shaped kitchens are perfect for preparation, storage, and entertaining. Whatever your design preferences, they work well in every aesthetic too. 

If you’re ready to bring your plans to life, our expert design team are ready to help you with your project. Contact us to get a guide price for your dream kitchen and get ready to create a G shaped kitchen layout that feels functional and looks exquisite. 

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