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Galley kitchen ideas buying guide

One of the most popular layouts in homes across the country.

Galley kitchens are one of the most popular layouts in homes across the country. They’re well-suited to smaller properties, giving you a useable kitchen space without sacrificing on your floorplan.

However, they can feel quite compact, and many of us look for ways to increase the feeling of space when extending or adjusting the layout isn’t an option. If you’re looking for galley kitchen ideas, our guide below has plenty of tips and information for making the most of your kitchen area.

Thinking about your kitchen size

When planning your galley kitchen design, it’s crucial to think about the overall size of your space. Your space will have a significant impact on how you plan your layout and will give you an idea of what colour schemes to choose too. It’s worth bearing in mind that galley kitchens aren’t a disadvantage in your home. They give you the perfect space to create a working triangle, which keeps all of your essentials at an easy-to-reach distance. Plenty of professional kitchens use a galley design to optimise efficiency. There are two key galley kitchen layouts to choose from:

1. Single

A single galley kitchen is perfect for smaller spaces. This layout features a row of cabinets on one wall with free space on the other. If you’re looking for small galley kitchen designs, it’s worth considering a single layout.

2. Double

Larger kitchen areas benefit from a double galley layout, which offers plenty of storage for the floor space. A double design features cabinets on both sides of the room with free space on either end.

Additional layout considerations

As well as where to place your kitchen cabinets, it’s essential to think about other layout options when planning your galley kitchen. Think about your lifestyle requirements before you decide. For example, do you want a kitchen diner? Or would you prefer a cooking-only kitchen? While many galley kitchens are limited in space, there are still plenty of opportunities to get creative with your layout.

Breakfast bars

If you want a galley kitchen diner, a breakfast bar is an ideal option. Instead of placing under-counter cabinets under a section of worktop, leave the space free for stools. These can be tucked out of the way when not in use, leaving the floor space free for other activities.

Dining tables

You may think it isn’t possible to add a dining table to your galley kitchen ideas, but there are ways to add a space for mealtimes if you want to. Consider adding a narrow table along one wall, or a foldable surface to use when dinner is ready.

Appliance placement

Your appliances are another essential consideration for your layout. For small galley kitchens, you might need to invest in compact versions of the necessities. It’s also worthwhile looking for built-in appliances, as these give your space a streamlined feel. Even the best galley kitchen ideas can feel cramped if there are too many items on show.

Choosing your style and colour scheme

Whether you prefer traditional kitchens or contemporary spaces, your interior design style and colour scheme will have an impact on your overall galley kitchen design. It’s a good idea to think about your style before you get started, as well as colour choices that will help encourage a feeling of space.


Small galley kitchen ideas benefit from a light and bright colour scheme to give an airy feel. We suggest sticking to neutral hues, with colourful accents to add vibrancy. White or grey galley kitchens are a stylish choice and look particularly striking in compact spaces. Another trick is to anchor your kitchen with dark coloured base cabinets and lighter shades on your wall cabinets and surfaces. This colour scheme will encourage a feeling of space while bringing an on-trend layered look.


The materials you choose are equally as important as your colour scheme. When planning your galley style kitchen, think about introducing glossy elements. These have lovely reflective qualities that will bring additional light into your kitchen area. For example, you could pick cabinets or worktops with a glossy finish. You could also choose tiles with a lustrous sheen. Natural textures are another great way to add a sense of space in your kitchen. Consider choosing wood worktops or shelving to bring the outside indoors.


Your kitchen accessories should never be an afterthought. Your cabinet handles, kitchen taps, and lighting should all be planned well in advance. For example, if you are looking for narrow galley kitchen ideas, you may want to consider handleless cupboards to make the most of your space. If you have a spacious galley kitchen, you could get creative with statement lighting or flooring.

Storage and space-saving considerations

Whatever your style, clutter is the enemy of small spaces. It’s essential to keep your worktops as clear as possible to keep your galley kitchen design streamlined and aesthetically pleasing. When you’re thinking about your galley kitchen ideas, plan your cabinet storage carefully. Try to give everything a place and consider innovative systems if you need to.

Open shelving

Open shelving is an excellent choice when putting together your galley kitchen plans. Instead of wall cabinets, consider adding shelving above some areas of your kitchen. You could use these to display your ceramics or beautiful jars of cooking ingredients (such as flour, herbs, or pasta).

Tall cabinets

It’s usually best to avoid too many tall cabinets in galley kitchens, as they can make the area feel enclosed. Instead, focus a few tall cabinets in one area of your space and attempt to create a ‘pantry area’ with other tall items (like your fridge) in this place too.

Innovative storage solutions

You may also want to think about innovative storage solutions for when putting together your galley kitchen design ideas. Hidden storage, multiuse options, and hanging bars can be excellent for making the most of the area you have available. Try to make use of every nook and cranny you have available to ensure you’re using your floorplan at its best.
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