L Shaped Kitchens Buying Guide

L shapes - the ideal choice for getting creative

The perfect kitchen design inspires you to live life even better. From trying out new recipes to relaxing with friends and family, your space must work for your lifestyle and culinary needs.

Whether you boast an ample space or want to design a compact kitchen, L shapes are the ideal choice for getting creative. L shaped kitchen designs lend themselves particularly well to open plan living, which means you have ample opportunity to create a social space that works for your lifestyle requirements.

If you are planning a kitchen makeover and want to learn more about this versatile layout, our guide to L shaped kitchen ideas has plenty of tips and information included.


Thinking about the size of your space

L shaped kitchens are ideal for kitchens of all sizes. For small spaces, an L shaped kitchen layout gives you plenty of storage while retaining an airy and open feel. If you have a larger floorplan, this type of kitchen layout allows you to add an island without making your space feel too cluttered.

Whatever the size of your kitchen, it’s vital to think about the ‘working triangle.’ The working triangle is a layout that encourages efficiency while you cook because it spaces your fridge, sink, and oven within easy reach of each other. Keep this at the forefront when you put together your L shaped kitchen plans.

Other layout considerations

In addition to your kitchen size, it’s worth thinking about other layouts or items you would like to add into your space. Plan these well, as they may have an impact on the type of colours you choose or the appliances you pick.


L shaped kitchen diners are a popular choice, and it’s easy to see why. This functional layout gives you plenty of floor space to add a dining table, particularly if you have a larger area. We suggest placing your dining table towards one side of your kitchen to keep your space from feeling cluttered. You may want to experiment with different dining table styles, like round tables or rectangle shapes, to find one that works best for your space.

Breakfast bar

If a dining table isn’t an option, you may want to add a breakfast bar instead. There are plenty of ideas that incorporate L shaped kitchens with breakfast bars out there, so it’s worth doing your research. Adding a breakfast bar is the perfect option for smaller spaces, as your stools can tuck away when not in use. You could even incorporate an island breakfast bar for multiuse functionality.


One of the real benefits of this layout is the opportunity to add a kitchen island. Whether you’re looking for additional work surfaces and storage or just want to make a style statement, L shaped kitchens with islands work well in most spaces. Small kitchens may struggle to incorporate a large kitchen island. Instead, consider adding a moveable trolley or transportable work surfaces to make the most of your space.


Your kitchen appliances are another important layout consideration. If you can, try to invest in built-in appliances for a streamlined look. These add a sense of space to your kitchen, bringing aesthetic consistency. Small L shaped kitchen designs may benefit from compact versions of your must-have appliances. These are readily available and could be right for you.

Choosing your unique style

Choosing your colour scheme and interior décor style is one of the most enjoyable parts of your renovation project. It’s also one of the most important, mainly if you are designing a small space. Whether you prefer the classic charm of a traditional kitchen or love the sleek minimalism of modern kitchens, it’s essential to consider your colours, materials and accessories carefully.

Colour Schemes

L shaped kitchen designs are great for adding a sense of space to every kitchen. To continue that bright and airy feel, consider choosing a neutral or light colour palette with pops of vibrant colour for depth. Try to avoid a dark colour scheme, unless you have a vast space, as this can make your kitchen feel enclosed.


Glossy materials are an excellent option for small L shaped kitchens, as they have lovely light-reflecting qualities. You may want to consider cabinets and worktops with a glossy finish or add shiny tiles to your splashback. Traditional kitchens often benefit from natural wood textures too, particularly if you like industrial or country décor. Think about choosing wooden worktops or flooring to bring a touch of nature indoors.


Finally, think about your kitchen accessories. These may include your cabinet handles, taps, storage containers, lighting systems and more. If you are looking for small L shaped kitchen design ideas, consider choosing items that save as much space as possible. For example, handleless cabinets may be the right choice. Alternatively, you may want to use lighting to add a sense of space in critical areas. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your L shaped kitchen layout either. Statement pendant lights, unusual metal materials and quirky storage can all work well.

Storage and space-saving

Even in large kitchens, innovative storage solutions are essential for keeping your space useable and clutter-free. Think about how you plan to store your essential items well in advance, as this will help you.


Open shelves are an excellent choice for smaller kitchens, as they open up the room for a spacious feel. Consider mixing and matching wall cabinets with shelving to add interest and space. You could display and store beautiful crockery or even aesthetically pleasing food storage jars.


Most L shaped kitchens can make use of base cabinets and wall cabinets, although you may want to add a few full-length cupboards too for extra storage. Try positioning tall units in the corner or at the end of your L shaped layout to keep a sense of flow. Don’t forget to make use of smart cabinet storage, like pull-out corner cabinet units, to maximise your useable space.

Innovative kitchen storage options

Whether you’re looking for L shaped kitchen diner ideas or want to make the most of a compact space, smart storage is a must. By making use of every nook and cranny, you can get so much more out of your kitchen. Think about whether you can add hidden storage, multiuse furniture, or pull-out shelving to keep your surfaces neat and tidy. Even larger kitchens will benefit from a clutter-free space.