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Marina’s stylish Shaker-style kitchen

Marina wanted a Shaker style kitchen that exuded panache and vibrance, as opposed to a more traditional ‘cottage’ style. The Midnight shade perfectly complemented Marina’s love of pinks, gold and leopard print, creating an exciting space full of personality.
Kitchen model
Dunham Midnight
Kitchen colour
Bold & Welcoming

What advice would you give to a new kitchen buyer?
Ensure you think about practicality and how you can weave in integrated appliances to make life that bit easier. Our full-size fridge and freezer units offer ample room yet are discreetly, and stylishly, incorporated within the space. Consider storage too and what you’d like tucked away and what items you’d like on display.

How did you decide on the colours and styles used in your design?
I love pinks, gold and quirky animal print so I needed a colour that would work with these colours, patterns and textures? I knew I wanted a navy shade and also knew that I wanted to weave in modern textures which is why we opted for brushed bronze accents.

What trends inspired your design choices?
I love things that are bold, different and unique. I love contrast. I wanted to ensure the bold kitchen coordinated with the rest of my house and showcased as much of my personality as possible.

Why did you choose Magnet?
I knew I wanted the Shaker style, but Magnet was the only brand that could offer a modern take on a traditional style of door. Dunham was just the perfect frontal for us, I’m not sure I could have achieved that bespoke kitchen look elsewhere.


“I always knew I wanted a navy, Shaker-style kitchen but wanted to stay away from an overtly traditional look. Magnet perfectly encapsulated my vision within the design by curating a modern and bold space that has plenty of personality”.
Kitchen buyer

The story

Marina’s 1970s home needed an upgrade to allow a seamless flow between the kitchen and the rest of the property. So, the kitchen was extended to become a larger, open-plan space.

Magnet’s design expertise carefully fashioned a new social hub for Marina to enjoy with her family and friends. A luxe, contemporary space that weaved in the design elements that she had always wanted.

Marina was set on a Shaker style but was drawn to Magnet because we offer a more contemporary style.

Marina wanted a kitchen that matched her personality. Her love of bold, contrasting tones and prints was beautifully captured in the design, with the Midnight navy shade becoming the perfect backdrop for the quirky décor.

Marina now has a beautiful, open space to enjoy with her large family. The design of the space seamlessly blends with the rest of the home, taking inspiration from her travels.

A cleverly hidden system of storage solutions also means that the kitchen is highly practical and works exactly for Marina’s needs. Functional yet vibrant – the perfect social space.


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