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Amy's stunning modern Shaker kitchen

The Waugh family's stunning feminine 1920s Art Deco style kitchen, the Integra Dunham Dove Grey from Magnet, with a kitchen island paired with matching barstools. The Waughs dreamt of a glamorous space that felt warm and full of personality. Their vision became a reality by focusing on optimising their space with practical storage solutions on the inside and a soft and glamorous look on the outside.
Kitchen model
Integra Dunham
Kitchen colour
Dove Grey
Feminine, 1920s Art Deco Style
The Waugh family's stunning feminine 1920s Art Deco style kitchen, the Integra Dunham Dove Grey from Magnet, with a kitchen island paired with matching barstools.

What was your main focus when designing your kitchen?
We really wanted a design that looked beautifully elegant and classy. We chose Dove Grey handleless frontals to look simple and unfussy and knew the colour would look stunning with metallic accents.

What’s your favourite design element in your new kitchen?
We really liked the charm of Shaker-style doors but still craved the chic effect of a handleless design. Ian suggested Magnet’s Integra Dunham units in Dove Grey to keep the room feeling light, whilst tying together the light grey wood flooring and white walls. LED strip lights were installed underneath the wall units too which helped to inject even more light into the space. A total of 16 units completed the design, including a central island which created a stunning focal point that we love.

Which of our services did you get the most out of?
The Magnet service that we found most beneficial was having our own, dedicated designer. This meant that any idea, big or small, could be bounced off him and we could really tap into his expertise. It was a refreshing experience to work with someone who was really aligned with our vision.

How has Magnet transformed your space?
The transformation was huge; Magnet helped us elevate a dull and unloved space into a glamorous, social environment. We couldn’t be happier with our beautiful new kitchen

“We had a clear vision of what we wanted in the space; a soft yet super stylish, feminine design that would be the focal point of our home. No request was too big or too small for Ian - we couldn’t be happier with our beautiful new kitchen.”
Kitchen buyer

The story

The Waughs’ kitchen transformation was intricately designed to change their dull and dated space into an inviting area that oozes glamour and personality.

Amy and Joel, who had a specific vision of how their kitchen would look and feel, worked closely with Ian, their Magnet designer, to bring their ideas to life.

Amy was drawn to the charm of Shaker-style doors but preferred a handleless design, resulting in the decision to go for Integra Dunham in Dove Grey. Which wow’s with a sleek finish and seamless feel.

The Dove Grey units combined with light grey wood flooring and crisp white walls created a light space with lots of depth. The marbled Quartz worktops accompanied by downward-facing LED strip lights also added a touch of warmth to the room to make it as welcoming as possible.

The combination of the traditional Shaker doors with more modern elements and integrated appliances gave the Waughs’ new kitchen an elegant yet functional design that was aligned with the couple’s aspirations for the space.

Brushed brass taps, feature lighting and unit rails added pops of colour to the neutral space, creating personality and romantic touch. The addition of a soft pink, plush sofa and grey velvet bar stools increased the ultra-feminine and lavish feel.

Magnet met the Waughs’ specific expectations and ideas, bringing their dreams of a beautiful, chic kitchen to life. Bespoke planning and expert installation meant that their dark and dingy kitchen could be transformed into an inviting, romantic space.

About this kitchen


L-Shaped with Island

Cabinet style

Handleless Shaker

Designer and store

Ian, Huddersfield



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