The summer switch-up with This Girl Can Organise

Instagram decorganising guru, This Girl Can Organise, gives us her top tips on switching up your kitchen for summer...

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As spring turns to summer, we inevitably begin to use our kitchens in a different way.

Cosy Sundays cooking a hearty roast dinner are replaced with warm summer afternoons prepping for a BBQ.

Lukewarm evenings spent mulling over a glass of red wine are exchanged for a jug of Pimms in the garden with friends.

As we return to socialising and using our kitchens to host summer dinner parties, now is a great time to consider getting the kitchen prepared.

Just as we pack away our weatherproof clothes to make room for lighter items and sandals, we can adopt the same mindset in the kitchen.

We spoke to the expert of all things organisation and decluttering, Nicola Lewis of This Girl Can Organise, to get her professional advice when it comes to the summer switch-up:

“Just as we change our wardrobes from season to season, we should also think about changing our kitchen cupboards.

"If you’d like to save room in your cabinets and keep things as tidy as possible, then now’s the time to consider organising your utensils, pots and pans in a seasonal, capsule way.

“After working in over 300 homes, kitchens happen to be one of my favourite rooms to organise.

Each kitchen I’ve organised has been unique and different in so many ways, a bit like a wardrobe, they are all a different size, space, shape and each time I embrace the challenge and always install a system that’s going to be functional for my clients.

"I love to utilise every inch of space, reconfigure the inside of cupboards and introduce practical solutions that I know are going to work in my client’s space.

“However, there is one problem that most of us experience with kitchens and that is.... there’s never enough space!

"But have you ever stopped to think about how many utensils and items you really do use on daily basis? I bet it’s not even a third of the space!

“The main problem is, we go to store absolutely everything inside our cupboards from posh crockery to Santa plates, trick or treat bowls & slow cookers.

"All of sudden these special occasion items are taking up precious, limited space inside your kitchen, limiting space for the items you go to use every day.”

When designing our customers' kitchens, one of the key questions we consistently ask is how you use the space.

How do your family want to use your kitchen? How much storage do you need? What items do you tend to use the most?

By carefully considering these everyday rituals, we can help to curate a bespoke space for your needs.

Nicola continues, “I would recommend the below steps to keep your kitchen organised and easy to navigate:

Box up and store any seasonal items

Get them out of the kitchen and store in a clear container and place in your utility or garage area (this applies to Christmas, Halloween, picnic & BBQ items).

When it’s time to swap the seasonal items back to the kitchen, dedicate some time to give your cupboards a clean out and start rotating your items.

This exercise is also a great way of seeing what gadgets and utensils you do and don’t actually use and makes it very easy to let go and donate the items that no longer serve you.

Get labelling!

Labelling your boxes of seasonal kitchen items will bring calm and clarity every time you go to perform the seasonal switch. Plus, if you need to grab the ice cream machine in November you’ll know where to find it with ease.

Space-saving organisers

Tiered organisers help you stack your food tins and jars and utilise the whole cupboard space. Making everything visible will ensure you use up what you have, preventing waste.

Think outside the kitchen

Consider moving all entertaining / party items to a cabinet in your dining room. Store them in set order inside the cupboard, this will make life so much easier when it comes to locating them when laying the table.

Utilise that corner cupboard

Alternate your essential items each season. For example, in the winter place your slow cooker, bigger pots etc at the back of the corner cupboard and bring your summer jugs/tableware to the front for easier access.

The summer switch-up isn’t just about making your space look neat and tidy, it’s about creating an atmosphere that is both beautiful and functional; a happy place that brings you joy.

Considering wellbeing in the home is a must for 2021 and beyond, as our fast-paced lives mean we crave the sanctuary of our homes.

The so-called "KonMari" effect of getting organised and throwing out items that don’t spark joy is a great way to boost wellbeing levels whilst maintaining a neat and tidy kitchen.

Want to see how Magnet’s smart storage solutions can help with your kitchen summer switch-up? Browse our range of smart innovations here - or chat with a designer today.