Small Screen Snacks

With all the buzz surrounding the Game of Thrones finale and Stranger Things season three set to launch early July, we’ve been daydreaming about the meals and snacks made famous by our favourite TV characters.

Small screen Snacks

From Joey Tribbiani’s meatball sub, to Homer Simpson’s beloved pink iced doughnuts, it’s enough to make your mouth water. But how many calories are our beloved TV characters consuming on average and how nutritious really are their meals of choice?

Working with nutritionist Kristen Stavridis we’ve analysed some of TV’s most popular meals and snacks to determine the ingredients and nutritional value behind each famous dish.

So next time you’re planning a boxset binge with the family, why not spice up your snack offering taking inspiration from one of the following meals.

Stranger Things

What does our nutritionist say? “Eggo Waffles aren’t the worst snack to be consuming, but Eleven should maybe consider adding fresh fruit instead of processed syrups – a great way to get a good mix of macronutrients into her diet, whilst still being tasty!”

How can you burn it off? Bike riding is a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle and ensure you can enjoy the odd snack of Eggo Waffle guilt free – just 30 minutes of cycling will burn the 200 calories consumed.

Game of Thrones

What does our nutritionist say? Breakfast at Winterfell provides a good amount of protein, with a mix of meat, fish as well as carbohydrates (around 60g). However Tyrions morning set up could be a little healthier with less processed meat, swapping the bacon and dark bread for eggs and wholegrain, would help him feel fuller for longer and provide more essential nutrients to his diet.”

How can you burn it off? Whilst Tyrion may favour a more sedentary lifestyle, having famously said “A mind needs a book like a sword needs a whetstone”, we would suggest he adopts a more active lifestyle in order to burn off the calories consumed.

The Simpsons

What does our nutritionist say? “Homer’s favourite morning snack with coffee at work may actually lead to a spike and crash in energy levels due to the high processed sugar content. Definitely not something a nutritionist would recommend starting his day with!”

How can you burn it off? Whilst there is nothing wrong with a sweet treat every now and again, Homer should maybe consider joining his Pin Pal teammates down at the bowling alley, for a high intensity game. A minimum of 45 minutes would help to burn off the 248 calories consumed.


What does our nutritionist say? “Joey’s favourite meal comes in with around 900 calories and the ingredients used are not ones that favour long term health. Whilst the meatball sub does contain a measurable amount of protein, it also measures up to nearly half an average women’s calorie allowance per day! With around 30g of fat (mostly saturated), it may not be the best thing to be eating on regular basis.”

How can you burn it off? In order to counteract the high calorie count, we’d suggest Joey swaps his Barcalounger for the football field and takes part in an hour and half’s worth of American football – enough to burn those extra calories.

Sex and The City

What does our nutritionist say? “The drink made famous by the 90s smash hit Sex and the City, an average serving contains 200 calories, 0g fat and 11g of carbohydrates. When it comes to cocktails and potential weight gain, this is not the worst option, but drank regularly can contribute to weight gain.”

How can you burn it off? However, Carrie and the rest of the girls were definitely on to something - just an hour of shopping in Manolo Blahnik’s down Park Avenue we help to burn off the 200 calories consumed.

Fresh Prince of Bel Air

What does our nutritionist say? “A large portion of Will’s Philly cheese steak along with a serving of garlic mayonnaise comes in at a whopping 900 calories, with a very high saturated fat content, plus an average of 76g of carbohydrates per serving. Although high in protein, this may not leave him feeling energised after consumption, and is more likely to lead to an afternoon slump!”

How can you burn it off? Despite Will’s beloved Philly cheese steak being one of the unhealthiest meals on our menu, his love of basketball helps to ensure he maintains a healthy lifestyle - a 2-hour game burns 1,300+ calories on average.

Tummy rumbling? Why not recreate one of our small screen snacks in your own kitchen? Try our kitchen planner tool, before heading over to our kitchen design page for further inspiration and pricing.

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Kristen Stavridis

Meet the Nutritionist

Kristen Stavridis

Kristen Stavridis is a qualified nutritionist also working in health innovation in London.
Kristen works mainly in area of women’s health, weight loss and health promotion, hosting wellness events around the city each month.
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