Vegan recipe twists

Simple swaps to make your favourite dishes Vegan-friendly

We all start off the year with good intentions, whether that means hitting the gym more often or simply trying to eat more healthily. In fact, this year over 115,000 people decided to take their New Year’s Resolutions a step further by attempting the ‘Veganuary’ vegan January challenge.

As the end of January draws near, it becomes a little trickier to make sure healthy new habits stick around into February and beyond, particularly if your list of vegan meal ideas is running low. So to help out, we’ve gathered a list of tasty twists you can try out in your kitchen to turn the nation’s favourite meaty meals vegan-friendly.

Classic curry

Curry is arguably one of the most versatile vegan meals as there are hundreds of combinations of spices, sides, vegetables and pulses you can bring together to create a whole banquet’s worth of vegan dinners. Omit the usual cream and butter in favour of coconut milk and unrefined vegetable oil for a mild and creamy lentil korma, or turn up the heat with fresh coriander, tomato, chilli and sweet potato chunks for a hearty vegetable Madras.

The ultimate burger

Burger night is a favourite for meat-eaters and vegans alike, since there are so many ways to customise your burger with different sauces and toppings to make it your own. Serve up a spicy bean burger with lashings of homemade guacamole and chunky tomato salsa for a Mexican fiesta, or top a chickpea burger with cool hummus and crisp cucumber for a Middle Eastern feast.

Cosy casserole

Even traditional British favourites can easily become new vegan classics with a few quick and easy twists. Swap meat for tasty vegan sausages and pop in the oven with chunky root vegetables, tinned tomatoes and fresh thyme for a flavour-packed winter warmer.

Friday night chow mein

Going vegan doesn’t have to mean missing out on your favourite take-away flavours. Swap fried chicken and egg noodles for tofu chunks and rice noodles to recreate a tasty chow mein dish packed full of fresh stir-fried vegetables, salty soy sauce and just a hint of Chinese five spice.

Decadent dessert

Cheesecake might not seem like an obvious dessert choice for a vegan diet, but in fact there are some ingenious swaps you can make to create a dairy-free version of this indulgent favourite. Instead of butter in the base layer, combine ground nuts, dates and coconut oil for a crunchy, protein-packed treat. For the topping, soak cashews overnight until soft, then blend with coconut milk, coconut oil, your choice of fruit and a few tablespoons of lemon juice to help the mixture to set in the fridge. Then serve up and prepare to be amazed!

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