What Can You Do to Reduce Food Waste?

Helpful tips to reduce food waste and embrace a more sustainable lifestyle

You don’t need to be a genius to help solve the problem of food waste. With some really small changes to your day-to-day shopping and food prep habits, you could have a big impact.

Our recent infographic centered around the global issue of food waste and found that people in the United Kingdom wasted an average of 74.7kg of food each year – a far stretch from Greece, where 44kg of food was thrown away per person each year.

If you want to make a positive impact on the planet, there’s plenty of smart choices you can make which can have a big impact. From the supermarket to the kitchen, follow these steps and start avoiding waste today.

In the supermarket:

Shop smarterPlan your weeks’ meals before you get to the store. Strike off any ingredients you already have in, so that you only buy what you need.

Avoid impulse purchasesDo you really need it? If you have to ask yourself this, there’s a much greater chance this item will end up going to waste.

Buy looseIf you can, buy loose fruit and vegetables rather than those in packs. Packs usually contain more of a given product than customers actually need in the timeframe that they’ll be ripe and fresh.

Choose the ugly onesIt might look a strange shape, but it’ll certainly taste the same. Be the person who uses up the funny-looking produce that others won’t.

In the kitchen:

Get freezingYou’d be amazed how many food items you can keep by freezing. If you find you only ever get halfway through a loaf of bread before having to throw it; start freezing it instead. It’ll be kinder for the planet and kinder on your wallet too. Our range of fridge freezers provide plenty of space for you to keep all your favourite foods fresh.

First in, First OutTo avoid your cupboard and fridge food ending up past its use-by-date, operate a first in, first out policy. This means you always try to eat up the oldest items in the cupboard before any recent additions get used. Magnet’s innovative storage solutions can make this an incredibly easy rule to enforce.

Schedule a ‘use it up’ mealEach week, set aside a day where you’ll rustle together whatever uses up your leftovers. You can’t go wrong by throwing your leftover veg into a blender; you’ll almost always be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Package your leftovers, no matter the quantityAfter you finish a meal, always scrape your leftovers into a storage container rather than the bin. You might think what’s left ‘doesn’t look worth saving’, but next time you want a quick bite you can reach for the other night’s leftovers instead. Before you know it, you’ll be buying less snack food, saving money, and wasting less in the process.

At Magnet, we’re dedicated to ensuring you get the most out of your kitchen. Browse our range today, and see how we could transform how you think about food.

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