Make it cosy

How to make a big kitchen feel more homely

Having plenty of space in a kitchen is something we all desire, providing us with plenty of room to cook and entertain with ease.

As much as this openness is a blessing though, it also means the space may feel impersonal without the right finishing touches. So, we’ve put together these decorating tips to make your large kitchen feel like home.

Zoning a room is a great way of making the most of the space you have. You could add comfort by creating a seating area separate from your dining and cooking areas, perfect for relaxing whilst waiting for you meals to cook. Another clever way of zoning the kitchen would be to include an island unit. Not only does this increase prep and eating space, break up cooking and dining areas, but many also come with handy breakfast bar spaces too.

If you’ve chosen to zone the room to include a seating area, why not choose cosy sofas covered in cushions to create a more relaxed vibe – perfect for a family weekend brunch. Adding a giant rug can also add a cosy feeling to a room if you have a tiled or wooden floor.

Accessories are another great way to add comfort throughout your kitchen. Dedicating a wall to family photos will really add a comforting sense to the space, and if you’ve zoned the kitchen with an island, hanging pans around the top can bring that homely feel to a whole new level.

Finally, adding warm tones can bring cosiness into a large kitchen. You can introduce these hues in a number of different ways, using materials such as curtains, cushions or blinds, if you prefer to keep your walls and fitted pieces neutral.