The Family Kitchen

Designing the perfect kitchen for modern family life

Nova Cashmere gloss slab kitchen

The kitchen is so central to modern family life that you need a kitchen design that reflects that.

We’re working longer hours than ever before, which means down time in the week has become scarce, and working parents find themselves having to juggle everyday chores with trying to squeeze in quality time with the family.

As a result, the kitchen has become more and more important in family life. Leisurely hours spent watching television each evening have been replaced with precious moments over breakfast or helping little ones do their homework at the kitchen table while rustling up dinner at the same time.

This means the kitchen needs to be functional enough to accommodate lots of family members doing different things at once. At the same time though, it should also provide a welcoming environment the whole family loves spending time in, since it has become such a key communal space in our busy lives.

With this in mind, here are our top tips for designing the perfect kitchen for modern family life.

Little monster proof

With boisterous little monsters running around under your feet as you rush to make packed lunches or brew a much-needed cup of coffee, accidents are bound to happen sometimes, so it’s best to choose durable features for your new kitchen.

Manmade worktop materials like Quartz and Corian are a highly practical choice for modern domestic life. They’re wipe clean and stain resistant, plus if you opt for a consistent colour, any scratches can easily be sanded out. As these materials can be molded into any shape, they’re also perfect for avoiding sharp corners that could be potentially dangerous for little ones.

Super space savers

With house prices escalating, many families are forced to compromise on space, so clever space-saving solutions have become a real life-saver. Take Magnet’s Table Plus, for example, which was nominated for Pinterest’s small space award earlier this year. This innovative table design folds down when you’re ready to sit down to a family breakfast, then folds away into a wall-mounted shelf unit when you need more space to move around the kitchen.

Similarly, the Magnet Worktop Plus is great for instantly creating more worktop space when you’re cooking up a big meal for all the family. When stored away, this slide-out design looks just like the rest of your kitchen cabinets, but pull it out and you’ll find an extra section of extendable worktop, plus three handy storage shelves underneath.

Make it personal

With the practical questions out of the way, it’s time to think about the more fun side of designing your kitchen: finishing touches to reflect your family’s personality.

Why not opt for kitchen splashbacks in a bold colour to make your kitchen feel more unique and lively, or line the back of your shelves in printed wallpaper to add a little flair? To complete the look, add framed copies of artistic masterpieces by the little ones or family photos from all the amazing days out and holidays you’ve spent together.