Scandi chic in the kitchen

How to embrace 2017’s latest Nordic design trend

After ‘hygge’ this winter, there’s a new Scandi-inspired design trend sweeping the nation.

The Swedish concept of ‘lagom’ translates to ‘just the right amount’ and is all about finding balance in all areas of life, from how we spend our money, to the food we eat and even the way we decorate our homes.

Nowhere is this concept more welcome than in the kitchen. With the hectic nature of modern family life, most of us constantly strive to maintain a clutter-free kitchen. At the same time though, it’s all too easy for kitchens to feel a little cold and unwelcoming without small decorative details to give the room a more personal touch.

So with that difficult balance in mind, what are our top tips for achieving 2017’s most sought-after kitchen design style?

Keep it fresh

Your kitchen cabinets are the most visible design detail in the room, so for that signature Nordic style, opt for a neutral colour like fresh white or calming grey. This will make it much easier to find accessories and design details that complement the colour of your kitchen later down the line.

Similarly, choosing a kitchen with slab style doors creates smooth lines that are much more in keeping with the Scandinavian design aesthetic than more traditional shaker styles.

Minimal monochrome

With your cabinets chosen, it’s time to add contrast to your kitchen. Jet black granite worktops paired with white cabinets create a timeless monochrome look that will accentuate finishing touches in any colour.

Into the woods

In the spirit of lagom, wooden flooring adds just the right amount of texture and interest to your kitchen décor scheme without making the room feel too busy. Not to mention that natural materials add a sense of warmth to balance out the sharp lines of a sleek modern kitchen.

All in the detail

A simple backdrop of white cabinets, black worktops and wooden flooring means there really are no limits when it comes to choosing design details. Why not add statement pendant lamps, stand-out copper cabinet handles or stylish designer taps?

Get personal

Beyond the fixed features of your kitchen, it’s the personal possessions that will really bring your décor scheme to life. Experiment with soft, textured rugs, quirky geometric print crockery, placemats in bold hues or photographic prints, but always remember to keep the principle of lagom in mind and avoid adding too many elements to the room.

Clear the clutter

Clever storage features are the ultimate key to keeping your sleek kitchen looking good as new. Innovative ideas like Magnet’s hidden descending Cabinet Plus and fold out Table Plus help to optimise how you use space so your kitchen remains clutter free.