Create a classic kitchen with a modern twist

Let old meet new without compromise

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Choosing the style of your kitchen can be a difficult process. After all, you don’t want something that will become dated in 12 months’ time, but you don’t want something that doesn’t reflect your personality either.

Since uber-modern looks and of the minute trends can come and go, finding this happy balance can be difficult, but can be achieved easily with some careful thought and planning. Magnet have put together a few simple tips to help you achieve this much sought after combination of modern and classic styles in your kitchen.

Introducing on-trend colours into your design scheme is a great way to bring a modern edge to your home. If your existing kitchen is in a more traditional style, opt mainly for neutral tones to keep your kitchen feeling light and airy, then add bolder shades through the use of accessories, or even a statement colour wall. This is a really effective way to bring a bold modern look into the kitchen, through either paint or wallpaper that can easily be changed to match the seasons.

Wooden cabinets bring a sense of traditional style to the kitchen, but opting for smooth slab doors instead of a shaker style can give this classic look a more contemporary feel. For another modern twist, match dark wood grain worktops with a deep black worktop for a rich, elegant overall look. After all, black is always in style.

Subtle modern touches can also be achieved with fittings. Lighting, handles and taps can all add a vintage or sleek modern vibe to a kitchen. Similarly, a sunken farmhouse style sink can help bring old world charm into a home wherever it may be. When combined with more modern door styles, this is a winning way of combining modern and classic styles.