The Donnelly’s New Kitchen Design

Susan Donnelly wins a Magnet makeover for her family kitchen

Magnet kitchen makeover
Magnet kitchen makeover

Susan Donnelly was the lucky winner of a brand new Magnet kitchen in a competition we ran with House to Home.

Members of the Donnelly family are keen cooks and had the best intentions of spending time getting creative in the kitchen together. However, the badly planned space just wouldn’t allow it. The narrow kitchen had an awkward cooker protruding from one side of the room, and very little worktop space, with most of the surface encompassed by a huge, impractical display unit.

Storage was also sparse, especially due to a broken corner unit that had been out of use for five whole years.

But the family had bigger plans for their kitchen, and with the help of the Magnet experts, knocked down the wall to a seldom used utility and created a whole new space.

After spending years with faded green cupboards, Susan chose the effortlessly stylish Eton Cream, a contemporary update on the much-loved Shaker style and a complete contrast to what the family were used to.

The main aim of the new Donnelly family kitchen was to create a welcoming, family space for everyone to get involved with the cooking. A brand new breakfast bar was the perfect way to encourage the kids to spend time with Mum Susan in the new space, creating a relaxed area that now sees the family spending more time together than ever before.

Storage has increased, with some of Magnet’s most innovative solutions including deep pan drawers with shallow internal drawer units and a smooth moving twin corner unit to replace the broken old one.

Susan was so thrilled with the transformation, saying:

“Going from a small, barely functional kitchen to something that has built in storage, where we can spend more time together as a family, really has transformed our lives!”

Take a look at the full transformation video here.