How To Design A U Shaped Kitchen

This popular layout can work for all kitchen sizes

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The U shaped kitchen layout is an efficient design, popular for large kitchens. Whilst the design maximises available kitchen space for worktop surfaces and storage, design requires care and attention to detail in the positioning of corner cabinets and ovens.

Popular with keen chefs, the U shaped kitchen allows for maximum efficiency whilst moving about the space to cook, usually with key appliances located on each of the three walls to allow a fluid triangle of movement within the work space.

Smaller U shaped kitchens may not always allow for a table, however consider transforming one leg of the U, into a chic breakfast bar by eliminating any bottom cabinets to allow for a sophisticated, comfortable dining area.

A central island is a perfect addition to a larger U shaped kitchen, adding valuable worktops and storage space. A granite surface adds value and style to an island as well being incredibly durable, resistant and practical.

Illuminate your beautiful kitchen with some well-placed lighting. Traditionally there may not be enough wall space to accommodate wall lighting so opt for a central hanging light, accompanied by neat under cabinet spotlights to highlight your favourite areas.

The U shape can provide two valuable corner cabinet storage spaces, make the most of these with Magnet’s latest innovation in corner storage, the Smart Space twin corner cabinet. The cabinet opens with a sleek mechanism to reveal double layered racks within the cabinet, to maximise cabinet space and allow effortless access to the hard to reach corners.