Loving Your L-Shaped Kitchen

Make the most of your kitchen space

Magnet Kitchens Eton Cream

Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes. Over the years, extensions combining rooms and reduced living space has meant new layouts in the kitchen have emerged. The L-shape kitchen is found in many homes and consists of two adjacent, perpendicular walls. The open feel to the layout makes it suitable for both small and larger kitchens.

The L-shape is a perfect setting to allow a good flow around the kitchen, with key appliances located conveniently along each leg you will have everything to hand so your kitchen is a joy to use. This layout is also popular within households that like to entertain, as the L-shape has the ability to facilitate multiple cooks and allow for social gatherings at the same time.

Combine tall units with wall and floor units along the legs of the L to create ample, flexible storage space, as seen in Magnet’s Integra Astral White. This mixture of units is ideal to hold all your kitchen gadgets, crockery and utensils.

Smaller L-shape kitchens can be packed a little tighter and often include a dining table, perfect for family households. The Viva Oak kitchen can be the hub of a family home whilst still maintaining a little of the open-plan feel.

In a larger L-shape kitchen, if you have enough space to accommodate, consider adding a central island to the layout to break up the space. Also great for entertaining kitchens, an island allows the host to face the festivities whilst cooking, rather than having their back to guests. Magnet’s Era kitchen has a crisp and clean contemporary style, the clean lines of the matt white cabinets have a clutter-free impact making the kitchen perfect for dinner or cocktail parties.