How Plants Bring Your Kitchen To Life

Incorporate the botanical trend into the home

Shelf Plus

This season sees the rise of botanical trends in homes, spurred on by the recent warm weather. These plant inspired trends can range from an urban jungle style incorporating modern metallics, to a fully tropical feel with leafy green prints and exotic floral motifs.

The simplest, most natural way to incorporate the botanical trend into the home is with plants, and living plants do more for your home than just accessorise it.

A great benefit to having plants in the home is that they purify the air and increase oxygen levels, converting carbon dioxide into oxygen - not just a pretty flower.

For budding chefs, what better fit for your kitchen then a herb garden? Miniature versions are available for indoors and a sprinkle of fresh herbs gives cooking an extra special something, and gives you pride in what you’ve grown. Magnet’s Shelf Plus is the perfect innovation to display your herb garden, either on a counter or mounted on the wall.

It may sound obvious, but keeping plants on the window ledge gives you something nice to look at even when it’s gloomy on the other side of the window, as well as providing them with the light they need to flourish.

If you’ve gone for another of SS16’s biggest trends, retro, consider the 70’s staple, a macramé hanging planter. Bring your planter up to date with plain white rope and a clear bowl vase for a subtle update on the look.

For kitchens with an island, this is the perfect location to showcase a beautiful bouquet or home-grown ingredients. Small chilli, lemon or lime trees can be grown in the home and make a great conversation piece when showcased in the kitchen.

Don’t fall into the thinking that a botanical feel is just for summer time, as we know how quickly that can fly by, but keep your kitchen energised with plants all year-round to avoid letting the grey days of winter get you down.