Forget Open-Plan Living

Broken-plan is the new kitchen trend

Broken-plan is a modern spin on open-plan living, describing a space that still has the flow of well known open-plan, yet has other elements such as different levels and walls to create distinctive zones and areas with privacy.

The new trend is a compromise that allows for the spacious feel of open-plan, yet lets your rooms retain that feeling of having a specific use. This is perfect for homes that want to combine a kitchen with living or dining space for example.

There should be a natural flow from the kitchen to the dining room in your home, and some have a fully open feel across the two, however there may be occasions where the two rooms work best when separate. Sometimes after a particularly difficult recipe you may want to just relax and enjoy your culinary work at the dining table, without the threat of the dishes and cooking aftermath looming over you. A partial wall is a great way to still allow the flow between rooms whilst providing just the right amount of separation.

Magnet’s Hudson Oak kitchen has a spacious feel, with an open arch leading to the sitting area, subtly dividing the space. Other ways to create a broken-plan feel include half walls, glass walls, split levels and mezzanines.

Sliding doors are the perfect way to separate rooms for a broken-plan feel. Magnet has the option of stunning internal oak veneered fold flat doors, or internal white folding doors, with glass panels to allow the flow of light.

There are plenty of ways to incorporate the new interior trend into the home and broken-plan is great news for kitchens, as a room that often shares its space with living and dining areas.

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