Rudy’s Kitchen Revamp

Magnet kitchen makeover winner’s story

Rudy After Makeover
Rudy Before Makeover

Rudy Roversi was the lucky winner of a brand new Magnet kitchen in a competition run in partnership with House to Home.

Rudy’s kitchen in his London home was poorly designed and made inefficient use of the small space. This was undesirable for a city full of notoriously small flats, making space a precious luxury.

Rudy was picked out of thousands of competition entrants and expert designers at Magnet accepted the challenge. They were tasked with maximising the space and storage of a small kitchen that was in need of a dose of TLC.

The room was cluttered with utensils and electronics, leaving barely any worktop space. The kitchen didn’t allow much room for cooking, or plate juggling, which is practically what Rudy had to do considering all but one of his shelves were too shallow to store a plate.

Rudy went for the stylishly simple Nova White, a far cry from his previous cluttered, cramped kitchen. The high gloss finish of the units reflects the natural light, brightening the whole space, whilst the natural oak of the worktops help to lift the room and add to the new, airy feel.

One of Rudy’s favourite additions was the Magnet Sound Bar, fitted subtly into the side of a cabinet. The slick Bluetooth controlled speaker boasts incredible sound and was a welcome update to Rudy’s clunky 90’s speaker system.

The new design is much more efficient and makes Rudy’s space work harder for him. The finished product created by Magnet, was a brand new functional, beautiful kitchen with ample storage.

Watch the transformation for yourself here.