Kitchen Gadgets for Summer

Make the most of your kitchen this season

Plinth sound unit

Summer is the perfect season for entertaining, whether it’s this year’s Olympics, a garden party or just celebrating the appearance of British sun.

A drink mixer comes in handy for all of the above. You can whip up milkshakes and smoothies or add a dash of your favourite tipple for frozen cocktails. Friends will love you for the endless strawberry daiquiris and with models available in all kinds of colours, the mixer is a pretty kitchen accessory.

Even in the warmer weather, us Brits can’t resist a cup of tea. A great new gadget allows us to enjoy our favourite beverage American style, iced. The Ice Tea Maker is a large pitcher that stores and serves ice tea. Choose a model combining steel and glass that will look sleek on the kitchen counter, keeping it in reach during the summer months.

If you’re entertaining this summer or braving the weather for a BBQ, the preparation starts with food in the kitchen. If you grow your own herbs or buy them fresh, a freezable herb stick preserves fresh herbs in a stick that you can twist to use at a moments notice. Simply fill with your fresh picks and a little oil and freeze and slice or grate into any dish you prepare, ideal for seasoning some barbequed steaks.

The ultimate in kitchen entertainment is the Magnet Plinth Sound Bar. The Bluetooth speaker sits subtly at the bottom of the cabinet and can be controlled remotely to fill your kitchen with a superior sound and really set the tone.