Creating an Eco-Friendly Kitchen

Tips to make your kitchen greener

Hudson Cream

As we become more aware of the impact our lifestyles have on the environment, demand is growing for eco-friendly homes.

There are several benefits to engaging a small green initiative in your home, reducing energy consumption will not only help the environment but save money on your bills too.

The kitchen is a great place to start with an eco-friendly approach as there are many ways to begin. From energy efficient food preparation and clever choices in cleaning products, to using environmentally friendly materials.

At Magnet, we work with Shock, one of the leading manufacturers of sinks worldwide. Shock sinks and taps are all made of durable and ecologically sound materials and manufactured to extremely rigorous standards, so a great choice if you are looking to incorporate eco-friendly materials into your home.

There is always potential in the kitchen to use a lot of appliances at once, so an energy efficient cooker is a great investment. The Rangemaster Professional Plus 100 FX is A-rated for energy efficiency and provides dual fuel cooking in four different colour finishes, so you don’t have to compromise on style.

The kitchen is also guilty of generating the most waste of any room in the home, which is why recycling in the kitchen is key. Make recycling easy for yourself with Magnet’s three-part recycling bin, the separate compartments make light work of sorting your rubbish and tucks away neatly out of sight.

Similarly, collecting food waste is an easy, natural way to recycle and create your own compost. There are great ranges of countertop compost bins for food waste that will complement your kitchen, some are so pretty that they’re a recycling incentive in themselves.

Magnet’s Waste Bin sits neatly in the top of an in-drawer dustbin and is a clever compartment to dispose of food waste. Peelings and cuttings can be subtly scooped into the bin, positioned conventionally just under the worktop surface.

Furthermore, re-use and up-cycle glass jars and even tin cans that you might discard when cooking. These can be made into something decorative and useful such as candleholders or cutlery storage and will make for unique personal touches to your kitchen. Take a look at our Pinterest page for some great inspiration.