2016 Top Kitchen Gadgets

And some you didn’t know existed

Magnet Kitchens Astral Grey

Kitchens have become more hi-tech than ever and a Magnet kitchen is no exception. On top of the new range of Magnet Innovations including Cabinet Plus and Display Plus there are lots of kitchen gadgets you need to get your hands on in 2016.

Whether you fancy yourself as the next Jamie Oliver or cook just to survive, there is a gadget for you. Here is Magnet’s list of the top products this year, starting with the more advanced and ending with the simply genius.

The spiraliser has revolutionised not only the way we cook but also our diets – get set to spiralise just about anything from courgettes to sweet potato and onion. Priced around £20.

If you are currently in the throes of a January health kick a blender will become your best friend – throw in a mix of fruit, veg and superfoods and you’ll be rewarded with a deliciously nutritious smoothie or juice. Priced around £100.

Scales are a necessity for all bakers, and with the new invention of electric scales that link directly to an app to take you step by step through the recipe they have become even more important. Priced around £45.

This may seem like the laziest new product of them all, but an adjustable pot and pan stirrer that can be clipped onto any container and evenly stirs what you are cooking or baking for up to 45 minutes is not to be laughed at. Priced around £15.

For any pizza lovers out there these specially designed pizza slice scissors will leave you with exactly even and triangular pieces of pizza – no more squabbling over topping sizes. Priced around £10.

Finally the ‘ice-cream de la cream’ is a heated scoop so that you glide through your favourite ice cream with ease, ready to serve up in perfect scoops. Priced around £25.