Let There Be Light

Different Ways To Incorporate Light Fittings Into Your Kitchen

Magnet illuminated shelf Light

Lighting is compulsory in a kitchen we all know this, and whether you have a small or large space it’s essential to brighten up the kitchen and choose the right lighting to create the perfect ambience for the room.

In addition to general spotlights and ceiling lighting there is a whole host of different kitchen lighting you can choose to illuminate drawers, cabinets and plinths.

Shelf Lighting can be lit from the back or the shelf itself and brightens up the entire wall as well as the accessories and crockery on the shelf.

An illuminated Feature Drawer enables you to display small items and utensils in a lit drawer, providing subtle hints of light around your kitchen.

Plinth Lighting brings light to your kitchen right from the floor. Thin strips of LED lighting can line the bottom of your cupboards and create a very modern setting. Accentuate this plinth lighting further by having mirrored plinths placed around your kitchen to really reflect the light.

Under Cabinet Lighting provides great light when working or cooking on the worktops. The lights and cables that come with it can also tuck neatly under the cabinets. This could also be a great opportunity to place sockets under your cabinets to clean up your worktop and kitchen.

To view the complete range of lighting options available please take a look online.