How To Optimise Kitchen Storage Space

Don’t let precious kitchen space go to waste

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Does lack of storage space drive you up the wall? Good, then use it! The majority of us allow ourselves to be restricted by storage space that’s dictated to us by boxes, cupboards and drawers. It’s time to widen our storage horizons.

Imagine you’re in your kitchen, what do you see? Clutter in every inch of surfaces? Or perhaps you’ve gone for a minimalistic style with everything crammed into your limited storage space.

There’s one obvious solution to your space saving needs and it’s staring you right in the face.

Using your walls to display utensils is perfect for using dead space and also allows you to show off your favourite collection. Pots, pans and accessories are a big investment but often don't get the stage time they deserve. By hanging them proudly on the wall you’re guaranteed to get complements on your taste in style as well as cooking.

If you decide to implement this storage tactic in the kitchen planning stages this is the perfect excuse to splash out on some shiny new pots and pans. And when it comes to purchasing, it’s worth considering this as the perfect opportunity to extend your colour scheme and into your accessories. For example, if you want to inject hints of copper in your space, opt for silver and copper pans.

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