Upcycling Hacks for Your Home

Get creative with our favourite DIY home hacks

mason jar

Upcycling is reusing discarded objects to create a new product with more value. We love the personal touches that hand crafted upcycled products can add to the home.

The Internet has an abundance of upcycling hacks, but we’ve picked some of our favourite creations for you to try at home.

A simple and stylish addition to the dining table, dip-dye plain white napkins create a pretty ombre look.

Make a dye bath using hot water and fabric dye, you should also pre-wash your napkins, but don’t let them dry before beginning the process. The basic method is to repeatedly dip and remove the napkin from the dye bath, firstly to the maximum point you would like the dye to reach, gradually working your way down. Dip each level for around 4 minutes and add a slightly darker dye for your very last dip. Once completed, run the napkin under cold water – running the colour away from the white. There you will have an original set of napkins that are sure to receive many compliments at the dinner table.

Unused Mason jars are a great staring point if you’re new to hacking, there are endless ways to upcycle this kitchen basic. Some will use them for storage, mounting them to the wall as a space saving hack, or dress them in chalk paint to use as charming plant pots.

However, for an even more personal touch, Mason jars actually make wonderful oil candles. All you will need is the empty jar, oil, a floating candlewick and whatever delicious smelling ingredients you wish to add. Vegetable oils are a great base, but infuse them with stunning scents from essential oils, or even raid your spice rack for cinnamon and vanilla to make them unique. You can include decorative features within the oil too, such as berries and pinecones or fake flowers for a seasonal feel. The finished product makes an incredible centrepiece and can be filled with your favourite flavours and accessories making it truly personal.

If your kitchen has a rustic, traditional feel you will love the reused rake wine glass holder. Take the forked end of a rake, new or old depending on your kitchen style, and mount on the wall with prongs to the bottom and voilà! You can slide the stems of your wine glasses in-between prongs and keep them suspended, well within reach following a long day.

To see more examples of our favourite upcycling creations, take a look at our Pinterest board here for inspiration. Happy hacking.