The Perfect Plan

How to measure your kitchen

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At Magnet we appreciate the time it takes to plan your dream kitchen, and the detail that goes into. From the planning to the final product, you want your kitchen to be perfect.

We aim to make the process as seamless as possible and thanks to Magnet, the process has never been easier.

To get it right from the very beginning, you’ll need your kitchen measurements to hand, and it’s easier than you might think. We have outlined the steps for you in a short masterclass from Magnet.

1. Sketch

To begin with, simply sketch out the shape of your kitchen. The more true to life the sketch is, the easier it is to envisage your new design, try to include all of the structural features and projections. To give you a helping hand, you can download and print grid paper from the Magnet website, perfect for the planning process.

2. Doodle

Next, on your sketch you will make a note of where the room features are located, including doors, windows, soil pipes and electrics. Be sure to clearly mark out the various zones within the kitchen, including cooking, dining and any additional storage.

3. Get measuring

Once you’re happy with your sketches, it’s time to add the all-important measurements on there. An expert tip is to break each wall up into clearly labelled sections to measure separately. For a more accurate measurement, make sure that your tape measure is parallel to the floor when taking your measurements.

4. Visit the experts

Once you have your measurements and kitchen plan, book yourself a design appointment at your local Magnet showroom where the designers can bring your sketch to life and make your dream kitchen a reality. Become even more involved in the design process with our online planning tools, where you can create detailed 3D visuals and receive a guide price for your kitchen creation.