The Beauty Of Open Shelving

It’s time to incorporate it in your kitchen

Grey Shaker

Kitchen cupboards and worktops as you knew it are about to change, we are about to reinvigorate the kitchen workspace and embrace the new trend of open kitchen shelving.

You can’t escape pretty pictures of kitchens with a mix of cupboards and open shelving in magazines, blogs and on Pinterest. The look is modern and a great way to accessorise using simply your own pots and utensils to express personality. But, is it really all that practical?

If you have a small kitchen space going for open shelving makes the room feel incredibly airy and spacious. Stripping out some wall units can give the room more light without sacrificing on storage.

Open shelving can be very inviting for guests. People feel more comfortable to grab a mug off your shelf rather than rooting through your cupboards.

Finally, don’t let the thought of never ending dust put you off. If you are using the plates and glasses regularly this should keep dust down. Just remember to go over your shelves every few weeks with a duster as you would any open cupboard.

So in terms of practicality, you have no excuses. What is your opinion on open shelving? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.