What Does Your Kitchen Say About You?

Read our Q&A to find out


We give away a lot about ourselves in everything we do. The way we dress, the way we shake someone’s hand and now the way we design and style our kitchens.

But what exactly does your kitchen say about you? Follow which question and style fits your kitchen attributes…

Is your kitchen fit for a 19th Century French mansion?

Answer: TRADITIONAL – Leighton Grey

Your kitchen is far from flashy and lined with oak cabinets and wood flooring. Muted tones run throughout with brass handles on your cupboards, a windowsill lined with greenery and a large Aga to feed all the family.

Did you design your kitchen around your state of the art appliances and the newest technology?

Answer: CONTEMPORARY – Integra Astral White

Your kitchen runs in parallel lines, with not a plate out of place. Think smooth surfaces in metallic, grey and stainless steel. You fill your kitchen with top of the range appliances such as the Magnet Sound Bar and don’t even let a tea towel enter your kitchen unless it fits in with the crisp colour scheme.

Does your laid back, no fuss attitude in life reflect your kitchen?

Answer: TRANSITIONAL – Hudson Cream

Your kitchen is a clean, relaxing space fit for a busy family; a mixture of warm colours, tasteful tiles and a range of sentimental ornaments. A transitional kitchen is timeless and the perfect mixture of contemporary and traditional.

Does the cooking come second best to colourful design and style in your kitchen?

Answer: ECLECTIC – Gloss White Slab

You are eccentric in life and a lover of colour. Your kitchen is filled with quirky keepsakes that you have picked up along the years, with a range of textures and colours lining the walls. It is a completely unique space that expresses personality and individuality.