Water-difference a Sous Vide oven makes

Magnet rediscovers the Sous Vide oven

Sous Vide Oven and Vac Sealer
AEG BS8366001M Sous Vide

The sous vide oven is making a comeback and the trendy kitchen appliance was recently discussed on Simon Mayo's BBC Radio 2 Show.

Hugely popular with some of the world’s top chefs, the sous vide oven is perfect for creating delicious dishes without needing to be a professional. From steak, chicken and ribs to a variety of vegetables, you can create a banquet bursting with flavour at the push of a button.

It seems more and more cooking enthusiasts are picking up one these ovens, taking Britain's home cooked meals up a notch. Using the simple technique immediately improves the quality, taste and health credentials of a dish, so you can serve culinary cuisine fit for a Queen.

If you're a stranger to sous vide ovens, all you need to know is that you seal food in vacuum pouches, which are then cooked in a water bath. If you're not a pro with timings and temperatures, there's no need to worry, most sous vide ovens will monitor and control this for you meaning you can sit back, relax and choose which wine to pair with your meal of choice.

Check out the AEG Sous Vide oven available from Magnet in action here.