Kitchen designs: Patterns

Magnet sketches out how to use patterns in the kitchen

You don’t have to be Picasso to bring an artistic flair to your kitchen. All you need is a quirky pattern and the right fixtures to give your space an alternative edge.

The key to using patterns is clashing with confidence. Use primary colours such as red, blue and yellow that are guaranteed to make a statement especially in the form of a zigzag, geometric, spirals…Need we go on?

Here are some top ways to incorporate patterns and magic up that wow factor:

Patterned plates

It might sound simple but investing in bright crockery will subtly inject personality into your kitchen. Pastels and patterns are more intriguing than plain plates, especially if they’re on display in a showcasing cabinet.

Whimsical wallpaper

A feature wall is a go to trend for those who want a kitchen full of character. But why not go one step further than a block colour and create a collage of your favourite patterns and shades?

Fabulous fabrics

Using a variety of fabrics with different patterns is a simple but effective way to introduce colour. Cover kitchen chair seats with the fabric and team with a bold colour on the chair frame for maximum effect.

Using any of these techniques you can transform an ordinary kitchen into a masterpiece.