Game, set, mismatch

Mismatch kitchen accessories for instant impact

Magnet Kitchens Gloss Cream Slab

Introducing bright colours has always been encouraged in interior design and it's a kitchen trend that isn't going anywhere soon- something we're very happy about!
The key to a beautifully bright home is finding the balance between quirky and quaint...Step in “mismatching”. Using alternating colours on the same furniture and fixtures automatically adds character and adds interest to your interiors. Why not try different colours for your kitchen and island cabinets? Or be bold and add alternating splashes of colour to each of your dining table chairs?
Whatever you choose to make the focal point, be sure to commit to the trend and select eye catching colours that compliment each other.
If you paint furniture in a colour that oozes the aura of an English rose then team it with a white or neutral kitchen so it has the maximum effect. Like the Gloss Cream Slab from Magnet- a simple and classic design that is the perfect backdrop for feature walls and bright furniture.