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How to use lighting effectively in the kitchen

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When installing a new fitted kitchen, it’s important to take advantage of your blank canvas and maximise the role of every appliance, from sockets to kitchen islands.

A key player in successful design is kitchen lighting, so consider carefully how you’re going to use it. It’s the perfect tool for drawing focus and brightening up a room but without the need to make any major construction changes.

Spotlighting is a classic trick and one that works a treat when it comes to transforming a room. Use alternative fixtures like spotlights and plinth lighting to illuminate certain areas and create zones, helping to naturally divide the space.

Like a film star’s dressing table, bright lights will make your most treasured items the star of the show. Whether it’s your precious cookbook collection or best crockery, using lights will naturally draw attention to these objects and create a focal point in the room.

Use kitchen cabinets and bracket shelves as a platform for showcasing items and hosting alternative lighting to achieve a unique and interesting look. If you’re not willing to uproot your current electrics, Magnet’s Illuminated Feature Drawer means you can incorporate elegant lighting in your kitchen.