Forget White Christmas

Choose a white kitchen this season


One of the common questions our kitchen designers are asked is ‘should we choose light or dark cabinets?’ The choice affects the colour, mood and ambience of everyone’s kitchen.

By choosing a white kitchen you can make the space look bigger, cleaner and it will go with almost any colour worktop and wall colour. At Magnet there are 10 types of pure white kitchen styles to go for, just to spoil you for choice.

A white kitchen will look timeless and fresh and never go completely out of style - it can be adapted as a modern, contemporary, traditional or country kitchen look. If you are someone that likes to update the overall look of your kitchen frequently, you will find this easier with a white kitchen as the base colour.

At very little cost you can switch out the splashback, small appliances and accessories to revamp your kitchen.

Don’t be put off by mucky hands, dirt and smudges on your worktops and units. By choosing a glossy surface marks and dirt should wipe straight off and be much easier to maintain than painted white cabinets.

Finally, in these dark wintery months a white kitchen can make the space look much brighter, making the most of even small amounts of natural daylight.