Mirror these ideas for an instantly bigger kitchen

Use materials like glass and mirrors to create the illusion of a bigger kitc

Magnet Kitchen Integra Fusion Blue

Want a bigger kitchen but don’t have the capacity to pull it off? If an extension is merely a pipe dream don’t feel disheartened; with Magnet there’s always a solution. It might seem simple (and it is) but using mirrors and glass instantly makes your space look bigger than it is. Follow these top tips on how to manipulate your space with these materials.

Take time to reflect

Adding mirrors in your kitchen will instantly trick the eye into literally seeing double. The bounce of reflections will give the illusion that your space extends further than it actually does.

Top Tip: Position the mirror opposite a window or door. The reflection of the outdoors will make your space airy and bright, extending your space even further.

A glass act

If you’re lucky enough to have a kitchen hidden from public view then take advantage of it. Ensure windows occupy the majority of wall space for maximum effect, that way your kitchen will run seamlessly with the outdoors knocking down any perceptions of a small kitchen.

Top Tip: If you don’t have the luxury of installing new window frames then opt for glass furnishings. A glass table or chairs will not only look chic but also immediately erase the sense of clutter that heavy material furniture brings to a smaller room.