Magnet reveals the ‘mmm’ with Passion Fruit & Rosemary Caramels

Planning on holding a party or need something special to wow friends or loved one?

Put the 'mmmm' back in your kitchen with Rococo's award-winning passion fruit & rosemary caramels.

Rococo Passion Fruit
Rococo chocolates logo

Not only that, we’ve constructed a brilliant ‘how-to’ video with our friends Rococo Chocolates to show you in brilliant detail exactly they are created.

Rococo’s Principal Chocolatier Barry Johnson takes centre stage in our fantastic video to reveal exactly how he makes this show-stealing sweet treat.

They not only look amazing they taste phenomenal.

Barry shows you every inch of the process, from using a mold to tempering the chocolate, and talks through each ingredient plus shows you how to use silver to give the top of the chocolate that exquisite finishing touch.

In pursuit of Choccy-Nirvana Magnet has teamed up with Rococo, the award-winning chocolatiers famous for pushing the limits of what’s possible in chocolate production.

If the kitchen took your eye, then it’s the Magnet Integra White.