Welcome to the Leighton Grey

New to our 2014 collection is one of these classics, a kitchen more than deserving of its place in the archives of timeless beauties.

While our heads may be whirring from the mind-blowing number of choices available in the modern kitchen, it is refreshing to know that some things never go out of style.

The Leighton Grey is a traditional Shaker style kitchen with an unabashedly modern and contemporary twist.

The Leighton Grey’s sophisticated matt grey gives the traditional style a brand new look. Something cool and understated in an era where brash and overly bold is used in lieu of class far too often.

This Leighton Grey embraces its timeless classic Shaker heritage but steps out of the obvious comfort zone of its white and cream safety net to embrace a whole new colour palette.

The solid wood worktop is the perfect way to keep this kitchen looking traditional, yet the island breakfast bar with intelligent storage solutions keeps the kitchen modern and functional.

It’s the perfect blend of tradition and modern functionality. And it’s beautiful.

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