Total white out

White colour schemes outshine bold interiors

Magnet Kitchens Studio White

Home décor experts have revealed that white colour schemes are emerging as a top trend in UK homes.

According to a recent article*, white kitchens, furniture and rooms are shades above the rest. Despite paint companies launching bold and unusual colours, white paint still accounts for 80% of sales each year.

Although as a nation we're becoming braver than ever before in our choice of design, white remains the foundation of our interiors so it's no wonder Studio White is a big hit with Magnet customers.

A classic backdrop, white is the perfect canvas for bright accessories and quirky fabrics, or you can opt for sleek and minimal.

The simplicity of white makes it a tough competitor in the world of interiors and it isn't going out of fashion any time soon.

*By Katrina Burroughs, The Times