Give your kitchen a heart and soul

A dream kitchen is about far more than function.

Heart and Soul

At a restaurant we rightly expect food to be both perfectly presented and served alongside ambient music and lighting for the ultimate dining experience. So shouldn’t we demand the same of our kitchen?

Eating meals at home has often been because, put simply, it is easier and more convenient. We quickly eat and then move on to other tasks. Dining in the kitchen has often been a one-dimensional function without style, charm or atmosphere.

But it needn’t be. And shouldn’t be. Let’s move away from function and create a more holistic environment that can improve the overall dining experience and make it special again.

Professor Charles Spence, an experimental psychologist at Oxford University, is an expert in exploring how the senses can interact to enhance our dining. He says: “Research shows us that all sensory impressions matter, so if you want to maximise the experience of a meal you cannot only function on taste. Sound and lighting also play crucial roles. You may not be able to change the kitchen layout but you can adjust the lighting and play background music that discretely complements the food.”

According to Dr. Adrian North, an eminent music psychologist, music in the kitchen enhances the atmosphere and ambience and therefore the overall experience of a meal. And what you play can be important too. He explains: “A good eclectic playlist forms a mood-improving backdrop for a convivial dinner party.”

But what about how this music is to be played, beyond switching on a radio or traditional hi-fi? Fortunately, we’ve though of that.

The Magnet Sound Bar has been designed exclusively for use in the kitchen. Not just in the way it looks, but in the way it sounds too.

Visually, the ultra slim Sound Bar blends seamlessly into a filler section of kitchen cabinets to make clever use of what would be a dead space.

Audio wise things are just as smart, through high-end speakers that literally fill your kitchen with sound. And no matter where you stand in the kitchen, or toss pancakes, or roll out pasta, or hold a dinner party, the sound is exactly the same high-quality.

It’s Bluetooth linked too, which means you can change the music in a moment with any enabled device. So for instance you can effortlessly jump from heavy metal to soft jazz, depending on the mood.

Just imagine throwing your authentic Japanese dinner party, against a backdrop of authentic Japanese music. Now that’s a kitchen with soul.

Along with providing a feast for the ears, make sure you go easy on the eyes too. Try combining plinth, shelf and internal unit lights to create a range of lighting options to suit every occasion - from meal preparation to dining itself. With the addition of dimmers you’ll be able to create a variety of different ambiences in your kitchen.

Giving your kitchen a little more heart and soul with the help of integrated music and lighting is just one way to make it a truly versatile space. You don’t need more rooms, you just need to use this one to its full potential.